Eli-O; the story of your bespoke pieces

Founder of Eli-O, Elisa Pantazopoulos, understands that everyone is unique and that your jewellery should form part of who you are, holding a special meaning or story that stays close to you forever. This is the story of YOUR bespoke pieces …

Tell us a little about the bespoke piece Elisa created for you?
I wanted a ring for the birth of my baby boy that I could wear everyday. She designed a band with 6 little blue sapphires. Inside she engraved the name of my son and his date of birth.

Why did you decide to have a bespoke piece made rather than purchase an already existing design?
I decided to have a bespoke piece made because I wanted something more personal and I knew Elisa could make it happen. I am so lucky because Elisa understood me so well, heard my ideas and inspiration and then suggested different designs of the ring. In the end, we created the perfect personalised piece which I had dreamed of

How did you hear about Eli-O? What attracted you to the most about the brand and Elisa?
I have supported Eli-O since day 1 and I have known about Elisa’s talent for many years now. I love the fact that her brand aims to create pieces that are timeless and transcend through generations. The pieces she makes are elegant and simple, but unique at the same time and that is the perfect combination for when it comes to ‘long-term’ jewellery.

Talk us through the process of your bespoke piece … did you already have a particular design in mind?
Yes, I knew I wanted something simple which I could wear everyday. I chose sapphires because I love the colour and I felt that it was perfect to symbolise the birth of my son.

What was the experience of working with Elisa like? Did you find that she really understood what you wanted from your design?
My experience was great because I felt involved in every step of the creation. Elisa really takes the time to understand what you want before she starts to design the piece. She’ll make suggestions so that you are able to decide what works best for you. She also won’t hesitate to make you try some similar pieces for you to have a more specific idea of the type of design which you are looking for. Elisa is always available to keep you up to date and answer any questions, but most importantly she’s sincere and completely transparent with you. If she considers that the piece you are looking to design isn’t her style, or that you could find a piece better aligned with your imagination somewhere else, she won’t hesitate to tell you. I found this to be really important because it shows that Elisa puts the client’s wishes above everything, instead of thinking about her own personal interests.

How long was the process? From the initial conversation through to the final piece…
It took 3 weeks from the very first talk all the way to receiving the piece.

Did Elisa send you any updates during the design and production process?
Yes, she really involved me during the entire process by sending me some pictures and when she finally finished the piece, I went to her atelier to try it and to see whether it resembled the ideal piece I had imagined.

For any enquiries, please contact Danielle@pushpr.co.uk

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