Discover your perfect signature shade with our new #PushBEAUTY client; Emolyne

We are delighted to announce that we will be working with colour cosmetics brand; Emolyne.

Emolyne, a new London beauty brand with African influence, is an exciting and forward-thinking edit of colour cosmetics designed with personalised lip and nail wardrobing in mind. Frustrated by her struggle to find matching nail and lip shades, the brand’s founder Emolyne Ramlov, set out to create her own range, in which all shades had exact representation across all categories – be that nail lacquer, lipstick or lip liner. So, when you find a red or a nude that you love on your lips, you know you can get the exact same colour effect on your nails or lip liner too.

A fresh perspective on colour; this genius and utterly covetable collection consists of 30 shades, subdivided into 15 rich reds and 15 creamy nudes – suitable for all skintones and personalities. In each shade, you’ll find a velvet semi-matte lipstick, a longwear pencil lip liner and a lustrous gel-effect nail lacquer. The lip pencils can be used in perfect synchronicity with or in contrast to the lipsticks for creative effect or to sculpt and contour a fuller lip shape. Match your nail polish to your lip or mix it up – you choose!

Makeup has never been a one size fits all category. For me it represents a journey of self-discovery: discovering that perfect signature shade in a playful way, and making it your own” says Emolyne Ramlov. Against a crowded and cluttered beauty landscape, Emolyne presents a streamlines vision of beauty with a colour palette that plays to both men and women who desire to curate a smarter, more colourful cosmetic wardrobe. It’s makeup that’s personal but equally designed for everyone.

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