Meet our new Head of #PushJewellery; Amy Wilson

Through these uncertain times, it can get draining to constantly read bad news, however here at Push, we are delighted to share some (much needed) exciting news as we welcome Amy Wilson as our new Head of Jewellery! We spoke with Amy (from a distance) about her favourite designers, the latest jewellery trends on her radar, and what she’ll be doing once we’re out of self-isolation …

Tell us a bit about yourself, have you always worked in the jewellery industry?
I’ve always worked in fashion and retail since I was 16. I started at the jewellery section in Asda, so to be Head of Jewellery at Push 14 years later (eek!) is pretty cool. What’s changed over time is that I enjoy the craft and journey of products as well as the piece itself.

My first ‘big girl job’ was Press Assistant at Grenson, an amazing brand! My boss and now great friend Alison Hargreaves basically gave me a one to one tutorial on PR and business over two years. I owe her everything. Working closely with her allowed me to progress to Brand Manager at Alex Monroe, where I’ve spent the past 4 years. My experience there taught me the important of people and integrity when it comes to your working environment. The trust and support they gave allowed me to grow my skills from PR into Marketing, Social Media and Brand Building.

Favourite designers?
Alex Monroe, Brent Neale, Polly Wales, Manom Jewellery, Sweet Pea and Grainne Morton

With the current climate surrounding Covid-19, do you think that consumers are going to start to change the way they purchase jewellery?
With so many online shopping platforms the market has become saturated in recent years, which makes it hard to stand out. There are still a lot of big brand names in jewellery still mass producing, who will be in the spotlight for different reasons once this is over.

2019 was the year of sustainability and the makers behind brands (especially jewellery) have taken centre stage. Jewellery is personal and people investing want to know that they are buying/being used to support brands with integrity and sustainability at their core. With Covid-19 the importance of this will intensify and there will be a lot more space and love for smaller jewellery businesses.

I also think in times of happiness or hardship jewellery gifting has a place, as it can commemorate or commiserate certain moments. Jewellery often translates to meaningful tokens for many whether buying for yourself or a loved one. With that said I don’t think the demand for jewellery will decrease, but people will invest more thought into what they’re buying, from who and why.

Biggest jewellery trends of the season that you love?
It’s gone big, chunky and colourful! This lends itself well to the vintage market which is having a comeback at the moment. Chunky hearts, enamel and jade are being used more and more which is really exciting. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the flip in the past year of layering delicate necklaces and curated ears to statement necklaces and architectural earrings and colourful rings. My preference is gold chunky jewellery and blue sapphires to I’m going to have a lot of fun this year!

Are you more heritage/vintage piece or trend-led?
Definitely a mixture. I love pieces that my mum has given me and I wear them all the time. I love and appreciate the craftsmanship of vintage pieces, but I’m definitely more comfortable wearing the modern interpretations. Eli-O does this really well, taking vintage coins and ancient carving techniques to create something modern. I think that’s my style.

Go-to publications to read through the latest industry news?
BOF, Refinery 29, Man Repeller, Fast Company, WGSN, The Jewellery Cut

What’s the first thing you’ll be doing once we’re out of self-isolation?
Hoping on a train back to Glasgow (my home town) with my husband and cat to see friends and family. Basic but imperative

For any jewellery enquiries please contact Amy at

Push x

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