This week we love … recycled jewellery

Now more than ever, self-isolation is making us think about the way that we consume and purchase non-essentials. Though we always love buying a new piece of jewellery, we’re turning to these brands for their dedication in offering pieces which not only last through the ages, but are consciously designed and created using recycled materials …

Emma Aitchison

Founded by Emma Aitchison in 2016, the namesake brand produces conscious jewellery inspired by the natural world. Sharing real messages about our planet and the impact we have on it, each collection is handmade in the UK. Designs reflect the beauty of varying weather forms to celebrate the fleeting moments weather can create.

Pascale James

Sustainably crafted by hand in London, Pascale James is a contemporary fine jewellery brand with a distinct sculptural aesthetic. Founded by power couple Antonia Pascale and Christopher James, the design narrative subtly conveys their passion for looking outward to nature and the environment.

Leigh Miller

Leigh Miller is directly inspired by mother earth. Committed to designing and producing the most environmentally sustainable pieces possible, each collection is produced locally in Los Angeles. Think sculptural jewellery inspired by the world around us. It’s not about the planet providing for us, but us giving back.

ZM Jewellery

ZM Jewellery creates sustainable jewellery from their London studio. Founder Zoe’s aim is to create pieces that remind you of your adventures, your memories and those special people you share these experiences with. Zoe’s travels and the people she met along the way inspired the ethos behind the ZM brand. Collections are about creating a connection from one side of the world to the other.

Poppy Finch

Poppy Finch’s mission is to create accessible high quality fine jewellery for everyday hustling women and push the boundaries of traditional jewellery. Collections are handcrafted and celebrate the beauty of individuality, authenticity and imperfection.


Eli-O founder Elisa Pantazopoulos grew up close to her Greek roots and developed a fascination for ancient Greek jewellery through time. Inspired by ideas of timeless purity, collections are all handmade in her atelier in Geneva and are ‘perfectly imperfect’, each with their own story to tell, ready to be passed down through generations.

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