Push PR Founder & Creative Director Emma Hart names influential comms professional in PRWeek’s Power Book 2020

The UK Power Book 2020 is now out! The yearly guide of the need-to-know names of the industry, gives us an insight as to how the comms industry is evolving.

Our very own Emma Hart, Push PR Founder & Creative Director has once again been listed as an influential leader within the communications sphere. Emma’s ability to challenge industry perspectives, think-out creative and engaging campaigns, and champion a ‘consumer first’ strategic approach for over 18 years at Push is recognised within the industry alongside many other inspiring fashion, beauty, lifestyle and luxury specialists. Read the full interview below …

Describe the past year, and make predictions for 2020
A turbulent time for global comms: fast-paced, unpredictable and disruptive. My predictions for 2020: offline activations, private events with ‘no social media’ policies, and championing the power of word of mouth.

What’s your big professional challenge for 2020?
Managing expectations

What was your favourite campaign of the past year?
It has to be Glossier

Who handled PR most adeptly in the past year?
I loved seeing The Wing launch

… And who most poorly?
Erm, Prince Andrew

Which news source is most vital to keeping you informed?
The FT, Fast Company, Business of Fashion, Inc., Linkedin

What’s the most important aspect of the debate on corporate purpose?
If we do not have a clear vision and purpose, how can we expect others to?

What key thing should the industry do to encourage diversity?
It starts at secondary education stage in state schools, where PR and comms need to be positioned as a viable and tangible career path, just as marketing is

The industry jargon that annoys me most is …
‘Authenticity’ – no one ever asked for ‘fake’ or ‘two-faced’

I can’t start the day without …
Coffee. A cliche, but running your own business, and with two children, it’s much-needed

One surprising things about me is …
I hate trifle. With a passion

For more information on Push PR, agency services, team, collaborations and events please email campaigns@pushpr.co.uk

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