Winter is coming … Skincare to get you through the season

As we’re all secretly wishing for a sunny winter season (please, no blizzard from the east this time!), it’s that time of the year again where we have to say goodbye to our fake tan lotions and body shimmers and enter into a new season of skincare. To finish off the 2019 year, it’s all about HYDRATION – from your face, body, hands and your hair we’re helping you fight the cold and prepare you physically to the drop in temperature to come. Check out our winter beauty selection below …

LBB A-Game Hydration Balm to fight against that crisp cold air that dries your skin wherever you go and at anytime of the day – £45

Patchology Perfect Ten self-warming hand and cuticle mask to rejuvenate your chapped hands and soften those cuticles – £10

Nuori Protect+Cleansing Milk to gently remove impurities and leave the skin feeling soft, soothed and rebalanced. Offers a daily protection against environmental stress – 38€

Maria Nila True Soft haircare range with Argan oil to remoisturise & revitalise dry, brittle hair, reduce frizz and fight static electricity – from £25

STORIES by Eliza Grace No.02 Hand & Body Wash to cleanse, moisturise and protect your skin through a combination of aloe vera, coconut oil and pro-vitamin B5 – £22

Corson Beauty Night Oil to hydrate and repair damaged skin cells while balancing the skin’s natural oil production – 88$

PUR 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturiser with fighting antioxidant Vitamin E which moisturises, heals and protects the skin from both the cold & pollution – £25

Patchology Hydrating Lip Gels to prevent your skin from losing its natural moisture and water – £14

Shiro Tamanu Oil in Serum to help the skin to regain its natural beauty by caring for the skin from within. Includes a combination of classic natural ingredients used by Shiro with plant based extracts and oils – £135

Pure Aura Paper Cloud Mask for when you’re in a rush and need a quick hydrating face mask in the morning to get rid of excess oil – £5

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