Introducing the SMARTEST on-the-go skincare brand: LBB

The #PushBEAUTY team have been busy this summer and have been impatient to unveil our new Beauty client LBB! ‘Life is Beautiful in Balance’. After two years of intensive research and development, LBB is officially launching today, not only within the Push PR family, but as an official beauty brand as well.

LBB was born from a genuine need and we’re sure that you’ll be able to relate to the founder’s story. As a investment banker working in London, Nnenna Onuba constantly found herself on the move. Between lunchtime pilates, getting ready in a taxi and in meetings across every corner of the globe, she realised that she had to be agile to fit in those activities that brought balance and quality to her busy life. Sound familiar? We thought so!

Nnenna knew she needed products that worked as hard as she did and research showed she was not alone. “I believe beauty is about a confident attitude. My skincare routine was sacred, because it was also one of the few times in my day that was just mine – me doing something good for me. No one should compromise on that. My biggest questions was ‘why should a busy life mean so much compromise?’ I needed smarter products. LBB was born so I could share my solutions, so others like me don’t have to compromise”.

The brand launches today with 3 core products including:

A-Game; a hydration hero that combines all your rituals in one easy step, saving your complexion, without the fuss of liquid and limits

Take Off, Touch Down; when you’re in a rush or there’s no sink in sight, this biodegradable XL wipe is an all-in-one skincare saviour that lets you refresh and revive.

Flight Mode; for when you feel overwhelmed and need a moment to press pause and repower, this essential aromatherapy instantly rebalances you whilst fighting away your stress

Want to find out more and try the products yourself? LBB will be showcasing at our upcoming Sustainable Fashion event on Thursday 19th from 18:30 – 21:00. Tickets are available here

For any PR enquiries please contact Kezia –


Push x

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