Sustainable Fashion Event at Push PR

What is sustainability? As fashion brands are (finally) waking up about the consequences of the industry has had on our planet and its resources, it’s easy for us to get lost in the noise in terms of what ‘sustainability, ‘ethical’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘organic’ actually mean. It seems that everywhere we look, there’s a new key word to describe a brand’s ambition and vision to change its way and offer alternatives to consumers which are more mindful of our planet (or at least less damaging). However, a new conversation has come to light as both the media and consumers have begun to discuss the importance of recycling our clothes and in turn buying pre-worn garments, accessories and shoes in a bid to slowdown manufacturing and consumerism.

Here at Push, we have long been advocates for sustainability and working alongside brands that parallel our vision and dedication to the environment. As such, we are collaborating with the amazing Jenny Garcia (Brand Consultant and ex-Head Topshop Buyer) and Poppy Delbridge (Media Creative, Founder of Slay Retreats and All Bright Ambassador) on an exciting Sustainable Fashion Event which will be held right here in the Push showroom on Thursday 19th September from 18:00 – 21:00.

This event has one goal: to educate us all on what sustainability actually means in this day and age. Join us during a panel discussion with three industry experts including Alice Wilby (Sustainability Fashion Consultant and Lecturer), Shaunie Brett (Style Director, No New Clothes For a Year) and Nimi Raja (Strategy Director at Balmain, Co-owner of Rani by Raha) where we will talk about the effects of the fashion industry on our planet, how and why we as individuals can make a difference and what is being done within the industry to make fashion more sustainable.

Drinks and nibbles will be available as we will also be hosting an EXCLUSIVE guilt-free shopping experience where you will get the chance to shop a curated selection of PreLoved Designer and High Street pieces from three stylish women’s wardrobes, plus vintage pieces from Manifesto Woman.

Tickets are available to purchase on Eventbrite. Get a 50% discount with code Slowfashion! We look forward to seeing you there!

Push x

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