#PushLOVES Organic September

Sustainablity has become the key work to define the last decade. Beyond fashion and accessories, companies are becoming increasingly ethical when it comes to not only their products, but their business practices as well. Unlike other trends, living an ‘organic lifestyle’ is here to stay. It’s not a phase, it’s here to stay as younger generations are taking a stand in changing not other their consumer habits, but their predecessors as well.

To celebrate Organic September, we’ve put together a quick list of some of our favourite brands that adhere by a sustainable ethos and contribute to not only saving the planet, but their community as well …

Organic Fashion

Know The Origin is renowned for their exceptional ethical standards. Each piece of clothing they sell adheres by their three key values: people, planet and purpose.

Mud Jeans aims to change the fashion industry by starting with the most popular piece of clothing; a pair of jeans. The brand also offers free repairs so that you never throw out your favourite pair!

Pala not only works to protect the planet, but is also aiming to save poverty. From the products they make, the materials they use, the business practices they employ and the partners they select to worth with, each key component of Pala is carefully selected to align with their values – and yours!

Organic Basics only chooses fabrics that care for the environment as well as partnering with factories that care about their impact as well. Sustainability is at their core: “sustainability is nice to have – we mean that it’s the only way we act”

Organic Beauty

Content Beauty & Wellbeing is THE destination for all things natural beauty, including cult organic skincare, natural haircare, clean cosmetics and products to create natural spa treatments at home.

Green People‘s back story hits close to the heart as the founder’s daughter was battling multiple skin allergies and eczema. However, many skin care brands would entirely use synthetic ingredients (despite them saying otherwise). Today, Green People is one of the leading brands making a change in the industry with certified organic products

Wearth London is an online marketplace which partners with over 100 different independent UK brands that share the same love with eco-friendly and ethical products.

BYBI is on a mission to make sustainable skincare easy and accessible to everyone. The brand works through three core pillars for every product that they make for which they focus on reducing the environmental impact of; ingredients, manufacturing and packaging.

Organic City

Hally’s in Parson’s Green serves healthy, Californian-inspired food which focuses on the use of organic and ethical produce. The menu is inspired by a farm-to-table vibe.

The Good Life‘s motto is all about being a part of everyone’s life. Not only do they serve delicious fresh produced (based on our everyday guilty pleasures) but they also pride themselves in supporting their community.

Daylesford Farmshop & Cafe in Pimlico sells produce directly from the infamous Cotswolds farm – one of the most sustainable farms in the UK. These fresh ingredients are also used throughout their menu in their cafe.

Squirrel may be a ‘fast-food’ from the outside, but on the inside there is so much more happening! All of their ingredients are organic and ethically produced which makes for nutritious and healthy hand made dishes which you can grab on the go.

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