Fashion Week: Our favourite spots in the big cities

Fashion week season is coming up fast and we know that countless journalists, freelancers, influencers and fashion aficionados will be prepping their busy schedules for the next few weeks. So whether you’re a first timer, a regular fashionista or a mere mortal looking to have a glimpse of the glamour, we’ve rounded up our favourite go-to spots in the big cities to enjoy some down time between shows …


Azul on the rooftop

Welcome to “Soho’s soulful Cuban cantina”! With stunning views of New York, this is a great spot for some down time whilst being surrounded by vibrant colours, tropical cocktails and Cuban music


Known as the ‘cool kid cavern’ with its Gucci tiger-print wallpaper and flickering candles, the bar is all about #vibes, right down to the cocktails. The drinks are quite sweet so be ready to have quite the sugar rush from your first sip.


Located in a basement, you may not see Wayla at first glance, however its Thai restaurant and bar oasis are not to be missed. The dark atmosphere gives it soul and a nightlife vibe, but the menu offers up home-style dishes which will transport you back home.

Red Paper Clip

Red Paper Clip is all about the influence of different cultures in New York City. The menu brings flavours derived from the chefs duo’s countries of origins, China and Tibet, but with the exceptional skills which they learned having worked with France’s best cooks.


Welcome to upscale Brooklyn where Cecconi serves high end cuisine including hand-made pasta, sea food and more using the finest Italian ingredients. New Yorkers and tourists come to Cecconi for the waterfront views of the Manhattan skyline, but stay for the ravioli


Heads & Tails

Locals of West Hampstead love this quaint cocktail bar. Its intimate environment makes it great for a catch up with friends in the city or even to sit down and sort through all the pictures you took throughout the day.

Tonight Josephine

This bar is an ode to the French Empress Josephine and looks to make its customers feel like strong female leads with cocktails named “No Time for Napoleon” for example. Best way to describe it? “A fuchsia temple to hedonism and femininity, bedecked in neon and glitter”.


Your Instagram is going to explode here as the setting is a favourite among Millenials of the city. With a simple menu which includes pasta and small plates, Fare is the go-to if you’re looking for simplicity and style.


A wine bar, bakery and restaurant all in one – what more could you ask for. Flor pays homage to European ingredients taking inspiration from next door’s Borough Market classics. Stop by for a breakfast and grab a freshly made patisserie and come back in the evening to enjoy refined delicacies around a glass of wine.

Endo at Rotunda

Set at the top of the new BBC Centre in White City, Endo promises a unique experience of “sushi in the clouds”. But trust us when we say that you won’t spending your evening looking at the beautiful views, as you’re sure to be mesmerised by the masterful sushi chef skillfully chopping ingredients in front of you.


The Botanical Club

The Botanical Club is the first Italian Micro Distillery which also has a cocktail bar and fine dining including gourmet tapas. This place is recognised as cocktail heaven as every spirit is carefully selected with limited edition gins.

Boul & Co

Boul & Co is all about simplicity, authenticity and healthiness. It’s an interesting mix of Italian products and traditional cuisine combined with Asian exoticism. Come, sit and eat a modern “mama Italia” dish.


This oriental bistrot is at the center of the Milanese nightlife and is a melting pot of the East and West. Huan is all about intimacy, sharing and internationality blending Chinese cuisine and raw Italian materials. The decoration alone is reason to stay with its peacock blue brick walls.

Temakinho Duomo

‘Exotic’ is the perfect word to describe Temakinho. With its tropical decoration, bright coulours an international cuisine, it feels like you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole and landed in Wonderland. Tick tock, tick tock, you don’t want to be missing out on this address.

Rocket Bar Milano

Rocket Bar is all about taking its guests on a physical and sensory journey with a decoration and cocktail menu which has been carefully selected and worked on to the last detail. It feels more like an art space than a cocktail bar, but it feels like a unique experience from the moment you walk through the door



If you love Farmacy in London, then you’ll feel right at home at Alcazar. The decoration is very similar, however the food is wildly more open towards modern European cuisine.

PNY Marais

A burger joint in Paris? Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. You come for the design and stay for the fresh burgers which are made the same day and their (now famous) home made french fries.


Millenial chic at its finest! Hanging plants, pink wallpapers – everything is thought out for Instagram. The interesting thing about Bisou is that there aren’t any cocktail menus here. You talk to the bartender about your liquor choices, and he whips you up something just for you.

Le Comptoir General

Le Comptoir General is like walking into a Spanish greenhouse filled with stylish chandeliers, mismatched armchairs, and souvenirs picked up from abroad. It has quite the eclectic vibe that may seem unpolished, however once you’re in, you’re in the heart of a laid-back Parisian vibe.


This exclusive restaurant and cocktail bar is located in Jean Paul Gaultier’s former flagship store. Funnily enough, once you step in, it feels like you’ve entered into a typical New York bar which could have been featured in Gossip Girl.

Do you have any favourite hot spots in the New York, London, Milan or Paris? Let us know!

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