What’s Your Story … with STORIES by Eliza Grace

As many of you have seen by now, Push are delighted to be working with the sensorial fragrance brand STORIES by Eliza Grace. What’s unique about this brand is that founder Tonya Kidd-Beggs has created a one-of-a-kind blend of aromas which invite the consumer to relive their memories. STORIES is about just that … sharing stories. We asked the push team to put their noses to the test and sprayed the office full of the STORIES No.01 and No.02 fragrance to see what their stories were …

Nafisah (Jewellery Account Manager) – I love the Stories No.01! It takes me back to my holidays in Italy. There’s something about the floral scent which reminds me about the beautiful fields I would see when driving down the country. Once I spray it, all I need is an Aperol to feel like I’m back on holiday!

Kaitlin (Beauty Junior Account Executive) – The Stories No.01 has a comforting smell for me. It actually reminds me of the fragrance my mother wears – soft but fresh and lightly floral – so it gives me a rush of sensations which I associate with my mother, love, trust, safety, happiness … etc.

Astrid (Brand Manager) – Stories No.02 is my go-to. The minute I sprayed it to try it for the first time, I had this warm feeling inside as it reminded me of the smell of my family’s flat in the Alps. I have been skiing since I’ve been 3 and some of my happiest and comforting memories are whilst being there, so it was amazing to find that scent again in a fragrance bottle!

Kezia (Beauty Account Executive) – No.02 is my absolute favourite scent from STORIES by Eliza Grace because it reminds me of hazy summer days back home when I used to live in the countryside (pre-moving to the big smoke of the city!). Our village was surrounded by fields and we used to go for long walks with our dog through overgrown grassy meadows. There’s something really fresh and grassy about this fragrance, and it’s lovely to wear it now that I live in London – it transports me back to those easy warm days!

Katharine (Lifestyle Director) – Having just got back from holiday in the Mediterranean, the No.01 scent is really helping me adjust back to London. I’m missing the first moments of waking up, opening up the doors to the sea breeze and sunshine flooding the terrace with no set plans for the day ahead apart from reading a book and soaking in the atmosphere. It’s the freshness of the scent and the hint of fig that just transport me straight back there.

Push x

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