Taking it one step at a time with these Yoga & Meditation apps

Anyone feel stressed about the fact that they’re just not finding the time to relax and do some yoga or meditate? Ironic that wanting to book time to do activities that release our tension actually makes us even more stressed. Working in communications, our team knows all too well about having a busy schedule and trying to find time for ourselves, both physically and mentally, which is why we took a moment to round up our favourite yoga & meditation apps which are easy to use anywhere and anytime it fits your schedule…

Daily Yoga

This is one of the biggest and most popular yoga apps out there and there’s definitely a reason for that. With over 200 guided classes of yoga, which are for both beginners and yogis, Daily Yoga has won countless awards for its step by step instructions and its effectiveness to help you build your strength.

Down Dog

What’s unique about Down Dog is that it lets you create your own yoga routine so that you never feel like you’re doing the same class. So, unlike other apps, you’re not working to pre-recorded videos, but rather with different movements and configurations which you can put together to build your own session.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio has a library of over 280 different poses with detailed advice and instructions to allow you to advance (but mostly not hurt yourself). You can download classes on your phone which allows you to view them in a anywhere – even if you don’t have internet access, which is especially great when you’re on holiday somewhere with low wifi.

5 Minute Yoga

Just need a few minutes to stretch in the morning? 5 Minute Yoga is the perfect app for a quick session before your first coffee of the day. Doing these (very) short classes won’t be as beneficial as longer videos, however it is a great alternative for those who are in a rush in the morning, but just need a few minutes to themselves.

Insight Timer

Voted as one of the best meditation app by professionals, Insight Timer offers guided meditations and talks led by some top mindfulness experts. 10+ new guided meditations are added daily which allows you to change up your routine and further your ability to ‘turn off’.


Headspace is definitely an office favourite! It teaches you the fundamental techniques when it comes to meditation which is crucial for those who are constantly ‘on the go’ and in ‘awake mode’. It takes some time to getting used to the calmness of the app, but you surprisingly get the hang of it quickly, so much so that you find yourself falling asleep at times by accident!


Calm is truly an app that has it all. From guided meditations to sleep stories, breathing and stretching exercises, followed by relaxing music to put you to rest. It’s the perfect mindfulness app for beginners as it offers short first-time sessions – so you don’t feel like you have to deep dive into a mindfulness attitude and way of life.


Oak is great if you’re a little bit more experienced in meditation as it allows you to customise and personalise your meditation sessions; from the duration through to the background sounds (or lack there of if you’re into that). Of course it’s not to say that Oak isn’t equipped to welcome first timers as the app tracks your progress and encourages you to try new videos based on your level.

Let us know if you have any yoga or meditation apps you love!

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