The ultimate guide to creating your At Home Gym

Although boutique gyms are on the rise with little sign of stunted growth anytime soon, sometime you are simply short of time, energy and money! Our #PushLIFESTYLE go-to girl Tori Porter spoke to personal trainers Lauren White and Annie Kitchen to get their tips for creating the perfect at home gym. This means limited equipment, limited fuss, but plenty of ease!

1/ Always warm up and cool down

To begin with, Lauren advises to always warm up and cool down. The warm up can be doing anything from star jumps to squat jumps. The cool down involves spending 10 minutes stretching out your body.

2/ Use an App

Using an app can motivate your workout by providing you with either a pre-programmed routine to follow, or a time structure for performing your chosen exercises. For On Demand workouts, Annie uses the Fiit App. Fiit is an interactive online platform that brings the best of boutique studio fitness into everyone’s living rooms! Her favourites are Jami Ray’s Combat Classes and Chris Magee’s Yoga Classes.

Lauren uses a Tabata App. There are various available on the App Story and the timer sets intervals of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off so that you can perform your chosen exercises with a set structure. Lauren recommends picking 8 exercises, for example squats, burpees, lunges, press ups and sit ups.

We personally love the Power Plate App. If you have a Power Plate at home, the On Demand workouts on the app take you through 10, 20 or 30 minute workouts you can do on the Power Plate. If you don’t have one, you can still use the basis of these workouts at home, or with the Power Plate at your local gym!

3/ Use your furniture

Annie recommends making the use of furniture in your home for carrying out certain exercises. She said that she tends to use a chair for tricep dips, or even tea towels on the floor to do mountain climbers. It’s low impact and doesn’t make too much noise, but still really effective. You’ll definitely feel it the next day!

4/ Incorporate dumbells or resistance bands

If you’re looking to jazz your home workout a little bit, you can add some dumbells or resistance bands. Annie says that you can progress most exercices with a dumbbell, because adding weight to an exercise makes it much harder. Resistance bands are her go-to. They’re cheap to buy and so effective at toning and sculpting your body. Annie feels it pushes her to work harder.

Lauren’s favourite go-to’s for home equipment are dumbbells and ab rollers. Not only does an ab roller push you to workout your core a lot more than traditional ab work exercises, but it’s also great for finding your balance.

5/ Workout in the morning

Lauren’s alarm is usually set for 6am and she works out in the morning to ensure she feels great for the rest of the day, as well as having the whole day ahead of her.

Annie also prefers to workout in the morning as it’s a good way to start the day. It wakes her up physically and mentally and she always gets more done in the day when it’s an early start. Studies say you could burn more fat as you will jump-start your metabolism in the morning as well as perhaps feeling the urge to eat healthier during the day. You’ll also put yourself in a great mood for the rest of the day with endorphin release!

Push PR x

Lauren White (@iamlaurenwhite) is a personal trainer, HIIT Instructor and Motivational Speaker. Currently doing a Masters in Addiction Psychology

Annie Kitchen (@annies_blog15) is a cycle and HIIT Instructor at Another_Space

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