Time to “Move” this summer with Power Plate

The global leaders that bring you the ultimate sweat whilst you vibrate, are launching a new product today: the Power Plate MOVE.

The new MOVE is the perfect at-home workout tool that gives you the full body workout of a gym-class, and more! The MOVE offers better balance and stability, allowing you to do a range of workouts from planks, burpees and lunges to more relaxed based exercises including yoga. It’s ‘start’ and ‘stop’ feature allows you to have a continuous vibration throughout your workout for the ultimate results.

“The Power Plate MOVE is designed to allow users to ‘move’ the product wherever they choose and ‘move’ their body in their preferred training style” (Lee Hilman, CEO of Performance Health Systems, owners of Power Plate). Not sure how to get started? You can download the Power Plate app which gives you step by step workouts which are timed and allow you to learn how to use every inch of the new Power Plate MOVE.

Want to give it a go? The MOVE will be in our showroom during our next #PushCONNECT event on Thursday 4th & Friday 5th July (from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm) where our dedicated #PushFITNESS team will be on hand to give you tips.



Push PR x

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