Meet our new #PushBEAUTY dream team: Klaudia Kedziora and Nimbus

Because everything is better in twos, Push PR are pleased to introduce you to our latest #PushBEAUTY team members, Klaudia Kedziora and the fabulous Nimbus.

As an ex Push PR team member, Klaudia is a beauty and wellbeing guru. Over the years, she has worked with countless luxury brands and has even built her own profile on Instagram. Her sidekick Nimbus is always there to support (and steal the show). We sat down with Klaudia to find out more ….

Introduce yourself and give us a little information on your background

I’m Klaudia and I’m the new Freelance Senior Account Manager at Push PR. I come from a very creative background from Brit School studying fine art. I then decided to dip into PR in my first year of uni and never looked back! I am very lucky to have worked with incredible brands in the past five years and I am so excited to come back to Push to work on some of my favourite clients to date!

Favourite under the radar beauty brands?

I have recently fallen in love with a nice brand called Romilly Wilde. Their ethos and products deliver incredible results. I am also obsessed with this new Australian brand called Beached – they carry the best salt texturising spray I have ever put in my hair!

What are your thoughts on what the latest beauty trends are at the moment? Any In particular that you’re really excited about?

The Gloss. Glossy Lid. Glossy Lips. Glossy Skin. I can see myself wearing this trend all summer long! So many brands have been coming out with incredible makeup in the past few months which I am looking forward to creating some daring looks with.

You have quite the following on Instagram – how do you use social media to promote the work that you do and the brands that you love? What do you love posting about the most that your followers really engage with?

I talk all things beauty, travel and lifestyle. I have a very close relationship with my audience and engage with them everyday. I love sharing the brands that I personally love, makeup looks get a huge interest within my followers. I love experimenting with my look when it comes to beauty and fashion.

Where do you find your own beauty inspiration? Magazines, Instagram, Youtube … ?

Everywhere! I seek for inspiration on Instagram, new brand campaigns or even my friends. I’m a huge fan of Katie Jane Hughes; she creates the most amazing makeup looks that are fun to recreate at home.

What are you most excited about working on at Push?

I am just excited to be back and work on some of the brands that have been here from when I was here 5 years ago! I am looking forward to working with a new team on upcoming projects and activities.

Push PR x

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