Body Positive shows to watch this summer

Today is the day that ‘Love Island’ returns to our screens. Across the UK, thousands of viewers will rush out of the office, grab some snacks and ready themselves for the first episode of this 2 month series set to get everyone talking each morning about the drama going on.

But this year, the drama has already started ahead of the show’s premiere as many have taken to social media to discuss the show’s lack of diversity. Countless have stated that the show solely focuses on “tall, thin women and men with six-packs” which contradicts with the reality of the ‘every-day’ woman and man in the UK. In addition, the Creative Director of the show has recently stated, in response to these comments about a lack of diversity, that “First and foremost, it’s an entertainment show and it’s about people wanting to watch who you’ve got on screen falling in love with one another […] Yes, we want to be as representative as possible, but we also want them to be attracted to each other” (Source: The Guardian). This has of course unleashed even more backlash on social media as viewers are blaming the show for causing health and body issues due to the fact that even the show’s creator is saying that if you don’t look a particular way, then you are not considered attractive.

Well, this year, we’re thinking we need to change things up a bit! Mental Health and Body Positivy conversations have actively grown across social platforms with many sharing their stories, inspirational words and helping each other to overcome difficult times. So if you’re not a Love Island fan (or even if you are, but secretly), we’ve rounded up five ‘body-positive’ shows to binge watch over the summer.

Orange is the New Black

One of the most popular shows on Netflix will be returning in July this year for it’s final season! Therefore, this is the perfect time to re-watch (or watch for the first time) the previous seasons. Though this show does not actively talk about body image, since it’s release it has been praised as being a show which offers the most diversified set of women on television. Everyone is able to relate to a character is some shape or form, whether it be from their ethnicity, shape, sexual orientation, religion or personality.

Source: Netflix

Queer Eye

Definitely a favourite on Netflix, Queer Eye allows viewers to see real-life characters who go through both a physical and mental change thanks to the help of the show’s (fabulous) hosts. The fact that this show is very raw in terms of its emotions makes it popular among audiences who are looking for authenticity in the digital age. No filter, no #ad, no surgeries, the show is all about enhancing who you are in a positive and natural way.

Source: Variety


Having premiered this year on Hulu, Shrill follows main character Annie who is trying to make it as a journalist whilst juggling how the outside world perceives her as a ‘plus-size’ woman. What’s interesting about this show is that contrary to others in the past which have featured ‘plus-size’ characters, is that Annie’s life does not focus on losing weight and therefore achieving her goals, but rather showing those around her that she can achieve anything and everything despite what they say about her. #GirlPower

Source: Hulu

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Having gained popularity in the last 2 years, Ru Paul’s Drag Race has become a show recognised for its strong acceptance of what society may deem ‘unacceptable’ or ‘abnormal’. Throughout the seasons, contestants talk of their difficult childhoods, being treated as inhuman for their sexuality and also talking about their own body issues and how they are perceived from others. Yes, the show is very glitz and glam, but underneath it all, you sense the raw emotions coming out from the judges and the contestants, creating a community of viewers who feel that they can relate to the show themselves.

Khloe Kardashian Revenge Body

Having been ‘the bigger’ Kardashian for years, Khloe shocked the world when she came out leaner and with a MAJOR confidence boost. As she talked-through her years of being tormented for her size by not only her family but the world, Khloe came back with a bang by introducing the world to her show Revenge Body. Each episode, the show concentrates on ‘making-over’ someone who lacks confidence in themselves in some shape or form. Contrary to what others may have believed about the show, yes it’s glossy and contestants have a team of trainers and glam squads (which many of us don’t have access to), but Khloe’s personal experience gives this show a bit more edge as she helps contestants to change both their outer, but most importantly their inner appearance of themselves.

Source: eonline

Do you have any other shows which inspire you and boost your confidence?

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