The Scandi-Statement jewellery brand of dreams – Phine Jewellery

You all know that we’re jewellery obsessed here at Push PR, which is why we are delighted to welcome Phine Jewellery as our new #PushJEWELLERY client. This Swedish-born jewellery brand offers a beautiful range of minimalist trend-led pieces which are subtly fierce and daring. A beautiful blend of classic sophistication with modern geometry.

Phine Jewellery sets a new benchmark for accessible jewellery as the brand solely uses environmentally friendly materials. Not only are their products sourced sustainably, but all of their designs are handmade using recycled sterling silver and fair trade gold.

We spoke with designer Elina Faurschou to find out more about the brand and how it all got started …

What are your sources of inspiration?

I love geometric forms, I always find a lot of my inspiration from them. This is also true when I find myself simply going into a hardware store and finding “manly” objects like drill bits and thinking about how I can turn these into a beautiful unisex or feminine piece of jewellery. I also always get inspired when I go home to Sweden, especially to our summer house because that’s the most quiet and calm place on earth and it just relaxes me and sparks my creativity.

What advice would you give to someone buying their first Phine Jewellery piece?

I would say start with, for example, our two-in-one earrings, where you can take out the hanging part and just wear the stud throughout the day, but then stack the add-on for the evening. That usually gives the customer more confidence than starting with one of the bigger pieces like the Kolye Choker or the Forever Interlinked Choker, which I think you need A LOT of confidence to wear those on a day to day basis. But, if you’re not too scared, then I would say go for the biggest!

Did you always know you wanted to be a jewellery designer?

No, I didn’t! I always did love jewellery and my dad used to teach me how to make jewellery pieces from leftover gold, but as I grew older I followed a different path and became a lawyer. I studied law and everything, and then five years ago I was in a meeting with my former boss and when I didn’t get the promotion which I thought I wanted, I quit then and there. I then moved to London, studied jewellery design and that’s how it all got started.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery and why?

I think one of my favourite pieces of jewellery is one of the first pieces I’ve ever made which is a little truth pendant I made when I was about 7 years old! I still wear it today whenever I feel that I want to wear something more personal. Otherwise, I really love all of my jewellery and I always end up stacking so many pieces that I feel like wearing for the day.

5 words to describe Phine Jewellery

Usually I always describe Phine as “Scandi–Statement”. So it’s Scandi in the sense that it’s minimal, but at the same time it’s very statement and out there! I would also use the words sustainable and empowered.

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