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#PushBEAUTY is pleased to be working with beauty treatment specialist Sensica. This revolutionary line of advanced esthetic allows you to experience professional-quality beauty treatments from the comfort of your own home. No need to book some time at the beauty salon; you can sleep in late, stay in pyjamas and treat yourself (and your skin) to a relaxing spa getaway.

From Anti-Aging, Hair Removal, Body Care and Cellulite, Sensica lifts your confidence with easy to use multi-treatments devices which allow you to take your beauty in your own hands. Our personal favourite in the Push showroom? The Sensilift. For those who came to our last #PushCONNECT you may have had the chance to use it yourself and see the amazing (and quick) results, but for those who weren’t there we’ll talk you through why it’s our new beauty obsession.

The Sensilift is a professional tightening treatment which rejuvenates your skin in just 5 minutes. It dramatically improves your skin’s elasticity to reveal tighter, smoother, more radiant skin after just one use. Use it on our forehead all the way down to your decolletage (you can even use it on your hands and arms), the Sensilift is simple and effective, allowing you to sit back and relax whilst it works its magic. Put away all of your day creams, give your skin that extra boost it needs in the morning to make you look as young as you feel.

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