IVAR: Born in India, launched in the Maldives

#PushJEWELLERY is thrilled to introduce you to IVAR.

This one-of-a-kind brand hailing from the Maldives combines the best of traditional Indian craftsmanship and contemporary designs.

Created by Ritika Ravi, IVAR is the unique portrayal of age old Indian techniques in modern and western styles, with each piece bringing forth a modern twist to traditional Indian jewellery practices. Ritika’s vision speaks of a sophisticated laid-back lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from her Indian roots and international upbringing, IVAR has become synonymous with meaningful, fun and sophisticated jewellery; “for me jewellery is an art, not an investment. I think less is more, people want wearable beautiful jewellery and that’s what IVAR offers” – Ritika Ravi.

Born in India and launched in the Maldives, the inspiration behind IVAR comes from the Maldivian islands themselves: “the gems are a mirror of the natural colours of the sand and the sea that paint the islands. It’s really a combination of my experience and the laid-back sophistication of Maldivian life”.

IVAR’s sophistication and international appeal come to life through designs that are made with 18 carat gold using the ancient Indian polki technique, creating shimmering clusters of diamonds and precious stones. When asked why Ritika uses this unique technique, she expresses a sense of value in her heritage and appreciation for a true balance between nature and craftsmanship: “Growing up in India, I wanted to take the traditional Indian craftsmanship that we have here and give it a more contemporary aesthetic. Polki in its purest form is raw, uncut diamonds, having no enhancement or chemical treatment. Gold is shaped in whatever design the jeweler desires after which the polka is set into this base. Distinctive due to its uniqueness and purity of natural form, polki reminisces of old-world charm, evoking an artistic sentiment”.

Through IVAR, Ritika has blurred the lines between east and west whilst developing a brand that mirrors her eye for detail, a unique aesthetic, a love for the craft she grew up with and her commitment to her family and their core values: creativity, quality and business ethnics.



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IVAR will soon be launching in the Middle East. The fine jewellery brand will be showcasing its 2019 collections. The 27th April, from 11AM, guests can enjoy delicious canapes and refreshments on the famous Bussola outdoor terrace while sampling the beautiful designs of IVAR. 

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