Luxury sustainable athleisure brand Evveervital launches it’s first UK pop-up store

The day has finally come! We know you’ve all been excited to hear more about our latest brand to join #PushLIFESTYLE, Evveervital. Well today is a special day as the brand opens it’s very first UK pop-up store. This beautifully crafted collection of gymwear brings its customers a perfect balance of luxury, sustainability, comfort, quality and empowerment. We spoke with founder Katrin Schneck to find out how the brand got started and how it plans to take the lifestyle and wellness industry by storm …

Where did you find the inspiration for Evveervital? 

I have bee doing sports since I was 4 years old. Sports taught me discipline, patience, respect, but above all it gave me confidence. That’s my inspiration for Evveervital. Creating sustainable luxury pieces that helps you grow in your personal and active life.

Tell us more about the ethical side of Evveervital; is this something close to your heart? 

Being sustainable is a big part of my heart. It’s my way of giving back to the planet and everything it provides for us. It’s not just about making sustainable products, it’s a way of taking care of everyone and everything in the long term. If we can make a small difference it means a lot. We will always push and support new technologies and companies that have our same values.

Who is your fitness guru? Who keeps you motivated to push yourself? 

I don’t have one particular fitness guru, but I have a lot of people that influence me to push myself harder and healthier all he time. I am really close to all our Evveervital ambassadors; I follow them on social media, I’m friends with lots of them so they are the ones who keep me constantly motivated.

Have you always been into fitness?

I come from a very sporty family, my dad was an Olympic skier in the German team and my mom a PT/marathon runner, so don’t be surprised if I told you I was literally born in a gym!

How do you anticipate the fitness landscape will change in the next few years? 

I believe fitness and wellbeing will continue to grow in the years to come. People are starting to realise how important it is to be active healthy. Especially now with technology that makes life so much easier. We tend to spend a lot of time on our phones without any physical activity. People are also much busier nowadays, we demand fast results in a short time or alternative workout options like 25min HIIT sessions or even workout from an app in your home. Gyms are no longer male dominated territories, you can now see equal amount of male and females working out.

What would you say is most unique about Evveervital? 

Evveervital is a start-up with a plan to build a better future, it’s not confined to financial gain. We want to make an impact on society. We have three different customers that all have different lifestyles. They all have particular needs and we facilitate to meet their requirements, all in one sustainable luxury brand.

What are some of your customers’ favourite products? 

Our Tiger Orange Abbey sports bra is one of our customers’ favourite. It is very supportive; the fabric is really nice on your skin and the colour is eye catching. Cinnabun is our girls’s best friend; the Italian fabric really supports and shapes the body as well as our internal panels that give you the extra body lift.


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