Mother’s Day: Celebrating the strong, empowered women in our lives

To all you mother figures out there, today we celebrate you!

To all you mother figures out there, today we celebrate you! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all and for guiding us with your wisdom and wit. So whether it’s your mother, your aunt, your sister, your grandma or any other important woman in your life, today we celebrate the inspiring women whom have helped us grow into the people we are today.

Every one of us can use some advice and words of wisdom from our female peers once in a while to help guide us through the tough times, which is why we asked the Push PR team what the best advice they had received was that they continue to live by and what they would gift that special “mother” in their lives today …

“I think candles are definitely a winner on Mother’s Day. Is your mum even your mum if she doesn’t like candles? Although I don’t always adhere to it she says, ‘always look your best, you never know who you are going to meet'” – Frankie Ellis, Junior Account Executive

“The best advice I’ve ever received from my mother is ‘everything happens for a reason. It may not feel right at the time, but things will work out better in the end’. As for a gift, you can never go wrong with a jumper from the white company and new cookbook from her favourite chef” – Georgina Robertson, Account Manager

“My mum always told me ‘don’t cut your hair too short or pluck your eyebrows too thin as when you get older they won’t grow back the same’. Moral of the story: Mum’s are ALWAYS right” – Holly Marsh, Senior Account Executive

“My mum’s advice whenever I was upset about something was ‘it’ll all come out in the wash’, as in things that seem a really big deal or super upsetting right now will all get better with time. Very stoic and northern of her” – Kaitlin Allen, Junior Account Executive

“My mum always tells me to ‘have a day off’, which means I always have permission to relax when I’m at home which is just what I need when I get out of London, and it reminds me to take a break. I’m getting her some Neom sleep spray this year as a gift” – Tori Porter, Account Executive

“So my mum’s best piece of advice that she always used to tell me is ‘just keep swimming’ (yes, the line from Dory in Finding Nemo), as in, even if things are tough, just keep going and things will get better. As for a gift, I know it’s cliché but my Mum absolutely adores flowers, especially lilies, so I’m going to get her a huge bunch of those from our local florist” – Kezia Baddiley, Account Executive

“I’ve been given lots of great advice by the motherly figures in my life, but the one which I think is most important and try to live by is from my mum: ‘there will always be someone who can’t see your worth, don’t let it be you'” Rosi Cooke, PR Coordinator

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