Meet our new #PushBEAUTY Director: Jessica Bush Sadleir

Push PR welcomes new #PushBEAUTY Director Jessica Bush Sadleir and we can't wait to hear all about her top beauty tips!

A lot of exciting changes are happening at Push! We’re delighted to welcome Jessica Bush Sadleir as our newest #PushBEAUTY Director. Jessica will lend her vast wisdom and knowledge of the beauty industry to the dedicated Push team. We sat down with our new beauty-know-it-all to find out more …

How did you first get into beauty?

After 2 years as a hostie for Virgin Atlantic, I decided I wanted to keep my feet firmly on the ground and look into a career that was involved in what I loved which was beauty. So I started as a press assistant at a well-known beauty PR agency and that’s where my passion and interest for beauty really grew.

Favourite beauty brands?

SUCH a hard one!! I’ve been so lucky to work with some amazing brands in all the years that I have worked in beauty, but the brands that I go back and buy again and again include Laura Mercier, Evolve Organic Beauty, Mavala … I could go on …. last summer I discovered Tan Luxe which I love and as my beauty horizons have recently broadened starting at Push, I’m loving Maria Nila and PUR Cosmetics.

Top tips to share for a flawless beauty regime?

Start with your skincare. I’ve learnt recently not to over cleanse as it can strip your skin of its natural oils but when you do, follow with a good quality serum and take this as far as your bra line and upwards from your jaw. A good primer is a great buy as it will keep your makeup put!

What do you most look for when purchasing a beauty product?

Ingredients – especially what is not listed! Less is more I feel – especially for my skin. I always like to feel and smell a product before it goes on my skin.

Luxury, mid-range or high-street products; what are your thoughts on which is best to buy?

I think it’s good to have a mix of each. I think you should always go with good quality skincare and base products – these don’t necessarily have to be luxury but always have to have quality ingredients. Then the high-street is always great for playing with colour.

What is the biggest 2019 beauty trend in your opinion?

I think people will strip back a lot more and will be a lot more considered in their beauty choices. We are all looking at ways to improve our environment and care for our planet and the plastic backlash is already happening in the beauty industry. Consumers will look to see what the brands they are buying are doing for the environment, and refilling empty pots and bottles will soon hopefully be something that is widely available from all our favourite brands.

Push PR x

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