International Women’s Day – What makes you feel empowered?

Today is International Women's Day. It's been a busy year for women around the world, including here at the Push PR headquarters. We asked the Push team what makes them feel empowered as women of the 21st century.

A lot has changed for women in the last year. From the #MeToo movement to Saudi Arabia allowing women to drive to Beyonce being the first black woman to headline Coachella, women have consistently proved their power, worth and talent.

Living in a social media era as a woman can be challenging at times, with countless articles that debate what it means to be a woman in the 21st century or how to define feminism in today’s day. However, the great thing about this day and age, is being a woman is no longer one-dimensional. Everyone feels empowered by their woman-hood in their own unique way, we are no longer confined to an ideal which we force upon ourselves, an ideal once created from a society defined by a sexual status quo.

To celebrate International Women’s Day at Push PR headquarters, we asked the team what makes them feel empowered as ladies of the 21st century:

“My friend and I did The Battle, a workout at KXU, with ten large muscly men. They definitely didn’t take us seriously to begin with, until they realised we could flip 160kgs tyres just as well as them. Girl Power!” – Tori Porter, Account Executive 

“Having a long pamper session (multiple face masks, nails – the works), then putting on a full face of makeup and doing my hair properly. Some might see it as vain, but I’m a beauty junkie!” – Kaitlin Allen, Junior Account Executive 

“Funnily enough, I feel most empowered when watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The fact that grown men dress up as women and feel so comfortable in their own skin gives me such confidence in just being me.  I also usually watch it whilst running on a treadmill and that inner strength makes me push myself beyond what I thought were my limits. This strength and ambition is something that I apply on a day-to-day basis”– Astrid Mallet, Luxury & Design Executive

“I feel empowered when I wear hoops and a bold lip! They make me feel confident both night and day, whether it’s at work or at a party, I feel most confident when I put effort into my outfit” – Rosi Cooke, PR Coordinator

“I love connecting with like-minded females and overcoming racial and social barriers to achieve our goals. That is pure empowerment to my eyes, when women stand and work together to achieve what some would say is unachievable” – Nafisah Boateng, Junior Account Manager

“What makes me feel empowered is being able to create relationships on a personal and professional level and learning from a wide range of people” – Frankie Ellis, Junior Account Executive

“I feel empowered when I’m on a girls night out filled with cocktails and karaoke. I am not sure why, but there is something about screeching Britney Spears songs to a bar full of strangers; it makes me feel like I can take on the world!” – Sasha Kean, PR Coordinator

What ever makes you feel empowered today (or every day), let’s keep the conversation going for the next generation and make sure that every day is a celebration of women!

Push PR x

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