#ZodiacBeauty – Look and feel as powerful as your sign

This year, the stars have aligned in your favour; not just to predict your future, but to help with your beauty routine. Whether you do it secretly or out in the open, it’s fair to say most of us read our horoscope. There’s a part of us which wants to believe that our sign influences our personalities, our decisions, our actions. It’s our ‘this is so me’ moment. But here’s a crazy idea; what if your zodiac sign could also effect your beauty regime? Wellness in 2019 is no longer about taking care of yourself on the outside or the inside, but as a whole. We’ve had a look at distinctive characters from each zodiac sign and their element and asked the team here at Push PR how their zodiac sign effects their beauty choices.

FIRE SIGNS – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 🔥

Like fire itself, Fire Signs are passionate and dynamic. However, they still need some TLC and need to be nurtured. Our Push PR Fire Signs are always at the top of their game, whether they’re in the office or pampering themselves at home.

Nafisah Boateng (Junior Account Manager) – “I’m always on-the-go and do things at 100mph! The Patchology Soothe masks really help me wind down and they make me feel so relaxed and at ease. I especially love the Aloe Vera element and the way my skin feels after!” 


Emma Hart (Founder & Creative Director) – “I always go for a statement red lip and my lucky colour is red, so PÜR’s Liquid Lipstick in Fever is perfect for me. Being a fire sign, I can have a fiery temperament on occasion, so the Patchology Soothe Mask is much needed as well. As I have no patience, a also like how quick and easy it is.” 

Astrid Mallet (Account Executive) – “I love a good bold, dark red lipstick; it just makes me feel empowered and gives a sense of confidence; like I’m unstoppable. The T3 Cura Luxe hairdryer is also a must-have for me. Fire signs, we’re all about quick and effective which is exactly what this hairdryer gives me; I don’t waist time in the morning, but my hair still feels nurtured.”

Katharine Watson (Lifestyle Director) – “Having a lot of energy can sometimes mean I forget to sit back, relax and take time out for myself. One of the things that really starts to show is that my skin and hair loses its glow, so every couple of weeks it’s time for a CryoFacial with SaiSei and a little hair TLC with Maria Nila’s Colour Refresh in Cacao.”

EARTH SIGNS – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 🌍

Everyone needs an Earth Sign as a friend; they help to keep you grounded, and give you practical advice when you need it. Your beauty products should be as loyal to you as you are to your friends. Our Push PR Earth Sign is always ready to help others and brings a little sunshine to the office.

Georgina Robertson (Account Manager) – “My favourite product is the PÜR 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup Compact. It’s practical, like me, and provides everything I need to keep my skin looking great and protected. What else do you want from powder?” 

AIR SIGNS – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 🍃

Just like its element, Air Signs are always on the move. Be as adventurous with your beauty regime as you are with life. Push PR’s Air Signs are on top of their creativity and bring flair to our everyday office life.

Rosi Cooke (Beauty PR Coordinator) – “I love the T3 Whirl Trio as the interchangeable barrels allow me to create lots of different looks with one tool, so it is perfect for when I suddenly want to switch up my look!” 

Sasha Kean (Lifestyle PR Coordinator): “As I am an airy fairy sign, I can’t seem to stick with using one thing! My faves from the Push beauty is Maria Nila’s Extreme Styling spray – my mind may be floating all around the place, but my locks are not!” 

Kaitlin Allen (Junior Account Executive) – “Wherever I’m going, I always make sure my hair looks great! Sugarbearhair helps strengthen my locks whilst giving me a sweet treat at the same time, no matter where I am or what I am doing. They are handbag friendly, so they follow me wherever I go.” 

WATER SIGNS – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces 🌊

Water Signs are sensitive and understanding, so your beauty regime should reflect that. Be as kind to your skin and hair as you are to others. Our Push PR Water Signs are always there to listen to others and are the glue that keeps up together.

Emily Hall (Showroom Manager) – “I like using the PÜR Hydrating Primer because it makes my skin feel soft and amazing! After all, my element is water, so hydration is very important for my skin.”

Holly Marsh (Senior Account Executive) – “I love using the Singlepass Wave from T3 as it creates long lasting defined curls to take me from desk to dancefloor without having to compromise on my hair health.”

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