Olivia & Pearl; an accessible luxury pearl jewellery brand for modern women

We are thrilled to announce our latest #PushJEWELLERY client – a luxury pearl jewellery brand Olivia & Pearl.

Providing collectable, classic and contemporary pearl jewellery designed for a new generation of pearl lovers, Olivia & Pearl pieces are stylish, high quality and sourced ethically while remaining affordable.

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The Founder of Olivia & Pearl, Olivia Smith from Bowdon, says the brand was borne out of her continued love for pearls and her quest to reinvent an icon; however, she couldn’t find pearl jewellery that would appeal to the women in her life. As a Royal Marine’s spouse, Olivia secured a Start-Up Loan from X-Forces to research, develop and market her brand in 2017.

“I was an avid lover of pearls as a little girl and ofter remember my dad returning from business trips with pearls. Having worked as an actor for 10 years and in advertising for a while, all I really wanted was to have control of my destiny and autonomy over my career. After I married, I also struggled with place and purpose as a military spouse – how do you maintain a career and friendships when you move around so much,” Olivia tells.

“When I finally made the leap to start up my own business, I wanted to turn my love for pearls into a brand and was privileged to receive mentoring from X-forces CEO Ren Kapur MBE,” she says.

The first collection by Olivia & Pearl celebrates women’s achievements, focusing on entwining the contemporary with the classic and designing beautiful pieces created to celebrate individualism, beauty and power of women.

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“My friends are my ultimate inspiration; real, cool and sassy. Each piece tells a story and has been designed with the modern woman in mind,” Olivia says.

Olivia’s brand continues to go from strength to strength and it was recently named ‘Start Up of the Year’ at the Start Up Loans Company Awards.

“It was a complete surprise and absolute delight to win the Start Up of the Year Award. I am just thrilled. To people wondering if they should start up their own business, I say feel the fear and do it anyway. It is scary, hard work and you carry the business with you all the time, but it has been an incredible journey and it is truly amazing to see your ideas and decisions become a reality,” Olivia tells.

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