LFW: The Jewellery Cut Showroom

The new jewellery showroom opens at London Fashion Week for the first time.

Next week (17th and 18th September), new pop-up event The Jewellery Cut Showroom will shake things up on London’s Old Bond Street with a contemporary jewellery showcase that offers two days of jewels, live talks and shopping.

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We caught up with The Jewellery Cut co-founder Rachael Taylor to find out more about her new venture, and ask which trends are shaping the jewellery world right now.

The Jewellery Cut Showroom is a new event on the London Fashion Week calendar. Tell us more.

Yes, it’s very exciting. The Jewellery Cut is a new digital editorial platform that my business partner Andrew Martyniuk and I are launching. We have both worked in the jewellery industry for about a decade, myself as a jewellery journalist and Andrew working on the commercial side. We previously launched a magazine called Professional Jeweller together and then went our separate ways, as I developed a freelance career writing for titles such as The Financial Times, Condé Nast, Luxury London and specialist jewellery titles. We stayed friends, though, and now we’ve teamed up again to create a new platform that we hope will inspire and educate a new audience about jewellery.

The Jewellery Cut Showroom is the first in a series of live events we will be running that will bring the jewels off the screen and create real-life experiences for our readers.

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What sort of brands will be at the Showroom?

We’ve got a real mix. We have some really luxurious fine jewellers such as Botswana-based designer Satta Matturi and Sarah Zhuang from Hong Kong, as well as more playful contemporary fashion-fine brands like Phine London, Uno de 50 and Olivia & Pearl. We also have a focus on ethical jewellery brands, with Natalie Perry Jewels, which only uses Fairtrade gold, and Eden Diodati, which works with an artisan collective made up of women who have survived the Rwandan genocide.

You also have a great line up of speakers.

Yes, we’ve been very fortunate to attract some likeminded people to the show who really care about shining a light on this incredible world that we’re so lucky to be a part of. At The Jewellery Cut, we’re very passionate about jewellery education and inspiration, and so we though it would be a fun idea to set up a series of Masterclasses to run alongside the show.

We have a brilliant line up that includes BBC Antiques Roadshow jewellery expert Joanna Hardy, jewellery historian and FT How to Spend It jewellery writer Vivienne Becker, Annoushka design director Liz Olver and Vicki Sarge, who has designed costume jewels for everyone from Beyoncé and Rihanna to Givenchy and Erden. Each will be giving an intimate masterclass on their area of expertise, be that how to start collecting next year’s trends or diamonds.

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Is the way we buy jewellery changing?

I think so. I think social media platforms like Instagram have revolutionised the jewellery business. Before, it was something secretive and hidden , and that worked as it created a mystique and made everything seem deliciously unobtainable, but things have changed. As shoppers we have questions – we want to know where materials come from, how jewels have been made, what the designer had for breakfast, whether they like the same music as us. Jewellers have to be more accessible, transparent and authentic today, and by opening up it’s allowing us to buy in new ways.

I spoke to a designer the other day who sells most of her serious high-end pieces through her Instagram stories. This direct online connectivity is great, but at some point we want to build that relationship offline, with a real-life air kiss instead of an emoji. Yet for many brands thriving in the digital age, maintaining full-time stores just doesn’t make sense. That’s where pop-ups like The Jewellery Cut Showroom come in. It’s a little bit of bumping into someone in a bar in a world of Tinder swipes – in a jewellery sense, of course!

Is there a trend that we should look out for at the Showroom?

Statement earrings are still huge news, and AD by Akansha Sethi have some beautiful contemporary gemstone designs inspired by India. Colour too is still very important, and we have some beautiful classic designs accented by coloured gems on show from Maviada. Also, minimalist sparkle – contemporary, clean lines accented with diamonds, such as the delicate stacking rings made by GFG by Nilufer or diamond-bar ear drops by new brand Aureliean, which will use the Showroom to launch its first collection.

The Jewellery Cut Showroom will take place on Old Bond Street, London, on Monday 17th September (10am-6pm) and Tuesday, 18th September (10am-8pm). To register for a free ticket to the event, head to Eventbrite. For ticketed events, such as VIP champagne tickets or Masterclasses, followers of Push PR can enjoy 50% off using the discount code PUSH50.

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