15 minutes with Penny Mosgrove, the CEO of Quintessentially Estates

New client win: Quintessentially Estates


Push PR is now representing Quintessentially Estates; as part of the highly renowned Quintessentially Group, the real estate arm of the company offers personalised property search and acquisition.

With a network of over 65 offices, the team is able to fulfil all international buying, selling and renting needs for their clients. Their insider knowledge, passion and professionalism is second to none. Whether it be a villa in Monaco, a penthouse apartment in Hong Kong or panoramic views over the Los Angeles hills, Quintessentially Estates is on hand to deliver 24/7.

We grabbed 15 minutes with the CEO Penny Mosgrove:


What has your 20 years’ experience in the property industry enabled you to bring to the table at Quintessentially Estates? 

A huge amount of experience and credibility. I have worked in many parts of the industry and closed record breaking deals globally. I also have an inevitable extensive black book.

What does it mean to you to be CEO of a company pioneering global premium audience-related intelligence?

I like to question things all the time – evolving is key to success and to be part of a sector where luxury, premium markets are constantly changing is intriguing and interesting to me. As the market consistently changes, we have to evolve the business and ensure that we are moving in conjunction with the sector and constantly challenging how we service and deliver to this audience. As a CEO you are in a privileged position to be able to steer your ship in a direction you believe is the right way and to be able to push the boundaries to perfectly service your clients.

Did you/do you have a mentor?

I don’t have a specific mentor as such, but I have always been fascinated by successful people in business and whoever I meet I like to try and gain at least one piece of insight or inspiration. I have always read business books and autobiographies, so actually the authors have become my unofficial mentors.

Have you always been entrepreneurial?

Yes – I have always looked for different angles and questioned why a certain task was carried out in one way over another. Even as a child I was constantly asking ‘why don’t we change it?’ and wanted an explanation for everything. I drove my parents mad with my questions!

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How did you – and how does Quintessentially Estates – anticipate the growing demands of new and existing clients in an industry where personal service is integral?

I always think that you should be one step ahead of the game, so it’s not just about looking at how people service in property, but how is service done in other industries. We take inspiration from research and apply it to the real estate world. Clients are spending on one of their largest lifetime investments, so why should the service for buying a watch or handbag be better when the capital values are so vastly different?

What would you say is most unique about the company’s services in luxury property?

We are the only lifestyle real estate company. We are the only company that has an in house concierge; travel, gifts, education departments and more. Our knowledge of our clients is more advanced – we know what wine they drink, where they go on a holiday and what they bought their wife for their birthday last year. We are one step ahead of any other real estate company, because knowledge is the key.

How do you ensure the team are constantly informed and ahead of the curve in order to offer premium expertise?

Communication is every global companies Achilles heel. We have a great internal system, which is working wonders and have regular global gathering to share insights. I truly believe that no idea is a bad idea, so I encourage the teams to share their ideas which helps us stay one step ahead. The staff are on the ground more than I am, so I rely on them to tell me what is working and what is not.


What are some of the most notable property aspirations of your clients?

Everything – even when you are buying at £150 million, you actually want the house that is £250 million…

How did you plan for global expansion and how will you continue to drive it?

We are driven by our client’s requests. If we are getting requests in a market that we’re not in, I explore it and if we believe that it has potential, we partner or open an office. It seems to have worked so far. We are driving this aggressively in the next three years with a key hire from Sotheby’s International Realty to really push this forward. I am excited for what will happen.

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