Meet new #PushBEAUTY team member, Jas Mattu

Jas Mattu has joined the expanding beauty division as Senior Account Manager.

We caught up with Jas to quiz her on the brands she rates and why, preferred beauty titles and routine.  Have a read below. Welcome to the team, Jas!

Jas Mattu Push PR London beauty team

What’s your professional background and what do you want to bring to the table at Push?
My background is fashion and beauty (I did a post graduate course in Fashion Marketing at the London College of Fashion). To date, previous roles include model agent, hair and makeup artist agent, and PR.

I blog regularly on beauty (you can find me at Crush Wish Eyeliner) and know what kind of content engages online audiences; this means ensuring that I am fully versed on the latest beauty trends and utilising my expertise. I bring years of experience with me to Push, along with some great contacts. I have worked with luxury, consumer and ethical brands across the beauty and wellness industry  representing clients such as Burt’s Bees, Verso, Dr. Bronner’s, TRESemme, NEXXUS, Medik8 and Sukin.

Social media platform you use most and why?
Instagram so that I can keep up to date on what my friends, celebrities and influencers are up to. I only use Facebook for family, Snapchat (for the filters!) and Twitter for news.

What excites you most about the beauty industry?
The fact that it’s growing so rapidly with new innovations in technology and ingredients – there are more ethical brands and we are now seeing a lot more diversity. The most expensive product is no longer the best product as more and more brands are making themselves more accessible in terms of price point, we are also seeing more influence from international markets such as the US and Korea.

Beauty brand that’s really owning it at the moment in your opinion?
For makeup, Fenty Beauty. I don’t use everything and rarely buy into celebrity endorsed products but the Fenty Beauty shades have changed the game. Also, Glossier, as its branding and social media is so on point.

Share a few of your preferred beauty titles and why you return to them
Refinery 29 is my favourite at the moment because its narrative comes from a feminist and political viewpoint. They also champion diversity, ethical brands, wellness and modern mysticism which I believe is so relevant to beauty and self-love.  The imagery and illustrations across the website, and social platforms, are also amazing.

I like the new Glamour website because it’s fun, millennial pink and it’s hot on new releases, trends and celebrity news.

Grazia is another go-to as I like to see what’s included on the beauty pages from a PR perspective.

Does your beauty routine change in the summer and, if so, how? Any hacks?
Yes it changes slightly. I up my SPF, switch my moisturiser to a lighter gel based one and wear less foundation which I either mix with a moisturiser or use a tinted moisturiser. I also experiment more brighter colours on my eyes or lips. Hair wise, on really hot days I semi dry it, apply salt spray, tie it in a bun and then let it out before I leave the house for textured beachy waves. Product wise, I am addicted to Sally Hansen’s leg airbrush tan in the summer as it really evens out skin tone – Kim Kardashian uses it but I think it’s been every brown girl’s secret weapon for years.

If you could only wear/use one product for an entire week what would it be?
Eyebrow pencil.

Red carpet beauty, runway beauty or barely there natural beauty – what’s your fave?

Podcasts, yes or no?
Yes, though I am new to them so still exploring.

Where are you planning to go on holiday this year and why?
At the moment I only have Paris booked but I’m SO excited as I’m going to see Crazy Horse.

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