Inside the #PushCONNECT April showcase

#PushCONNECT is an overarching campaign that maximises the agency’s international client portfolio, network of industry contacts and 2,500 sq ft showroom space (best North London view going).

All of the above means open doors, full team, full house and a line-up of things that nod to giving guests max experience. And max takeaway.

April’s showcase started with an insightful panel discussion on sustainability hosted by Tamara Cincik, Founder & CEO of Fashion Roundtable, with guest speakers including Emma France of mothers2mothers, Tijana Tamburic of Female Narratives, and Annina Youngblood of Ethical Collection. Big topic of conversation, big part of future proofing business.

We had a pop-up hair styling station, a piercing bar, a workshop on tailored skincare courtesy of Haute Custom Beauty (hello 30 day ritual) and Soho cocktail bar Archer Street rocked up and rolled out all the evening entertainment.

These events are about bringing together and building communities both online and offline, they’re about getting cut-through. We’re big on cut-through. Have a look back at the evening drinks reception for a little teaser, and keep tabs on our social shout-outs for details on the July showcase (10th and 11th July).

Push x

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