Monday media round up

Bring yourself up to speed on the latest via our media round up of news.


No more plastic bottles at Selfridges 

Taking a giant leap in the right direction Selfridges has banned all sales of single-use plastic bottles.

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Facebook’s data problem may have affected Brexit

It happened again; a Canadian company that had a key role in the Vote Leave campaign, may wrongfully have obtained user data. *Heavy sigh

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How to handle Facebook’s crisis?

Amy Odell on what media should do to stay ahead of the problems facing the platform. What are your thoughts?

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Product innovation sourced from customers 

Key to brand development and evolution? Customer purchasing data, site activity and survey responses.

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Big Wes Anderson fan? Take a look inside this exhibition

An exhibition celebrating Wes Anderson’s new movie, Isle of Dogs, opened at The Store X at 180 Strand in London.

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