5 hairstyles to try this week #PushBEAUTYrecommends

This week we’re bringing you a little hairstyle inspo so that you can save time and switch up your everyday look should you wish to.

Here’s Sophie Outram, Push Junior Beauty Account Executive, on her go-to looks. Think easy waves, super sleek pony, poker straight….


Monday; the low maintenance chignon

Bad hair days, we’ve all been there. This easy, low bun emulates a chignon and is my go-to for a quick fix. I smooth a little bit of the Maria Nila True Soft Argan Oil through the ends to help deal with any frizz, then gather the hair into a low pony using a byEloise London bangle band. I twist it around the hair to create a bun, pull a couple of strands out to frame my face and I’m out the door.


Tuesday; super sleek, super straight

I have fairly straight hair naturally so all I need in the morning is a little Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray, True Soft Argan Oil and a few glides of the T3 SinglePass Luxe straighteners. The straighteners run so smoothly through my hair and the SinglePass technology makes it even quicker to achieve my final sleek style. The Tourmaline and Ceramic technology also helps to maintain the straight finish throughout the day.


Wednesday; the perfect ponytail

This look works best on unwashed/oily hair. I use the Volume 2.5 brush from T3, flip my head upside down (this helps achieve a super high pony) and brush all my hair into a ponytail and secure in place with a byEloise bangle band. The bands add a little extra something to the final look thanks to the choice of colours and charms. I then use a my T3 SinglePass Luxe straightener to make sure the ponytail is poker, POKER straight.


Thursday; just out of bed waves

This may sound like effort but I have a quick win to get the look; ballet buns – think Princess Leia vibes. I simply twist freshly washed/dried hair into two ballet buns either side of my head before I to sleep. Then when I wake up I take them out and pull into a low pony with some Maria Nila True Soft Argan oil to tame any frizz. Once I’ve done my makeup I shake the hair out and switch on my T3 Whirl Convertible. The Leia buns already created give the perfect base wave to work with, the Whirl Convertible is then my go-to tool to perfect any particular sections or smooth out curls that have gone a bit unruly.


Friday; the half-up, half down pony

This works well on second day hair after you have waved it or straightened it as the hair will have a bit more volume and texture. I use my fingers to brush up half of my hair, from the temple upwards, into a high half-up pony. I then apply a little bit of the Maria Nila Dry Shampoo to add texture at pull at the hair around my crown. Depending on whether my hair is straight or wavy I grab my T3 haircare tool and tidy up the bottom half a little bit. Voila!

Push x

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