Peanut Founder Michelle Kennedy on the power of networking and connectivity #PushCONNECTxm2m

This week Push invited Michelle Kennedy, the woman and mama behind Peanut, the app that brings mothers together as women, to join Emma Hart and Emma France of mothers2mothers on a panel to talk up the importance of these relationships and building a community around them.

“Peanut works by connecting mothers with like-minded attitudes so that they can talk about themselves as women. For example, where they grew up, where they studied, what reality TV they’re into. You know, stuff beyond kids and sleep,” says Kennedy.

The panel, moderated by Ashling Rose, shared insights on prioritising the right relationships (professional and personal), setting boundaries and accepting that it’s not always possible to get the work/life balance right. Something that really stuck? IT’S OK to ask for help. IT’S ABSOLUTELY OK to ask for exactly what you need, just have direction.

Here are a few shots from today’s coffee morning. For details on next month’s #PushCONNECTxm2m event keep an eye out for our shout out son Instagram and/or email

Push-PR-M2M-Coffee-Morning Push-PR-M2M-Coffee-Morning pushCONNECT-mothers2mothers-peanut-app-michelle-kennedy Push-PR-M2M-Coffee-Morning Push-PR-M2M-Coffee-Morning pushconnect-mothers2mothers

Push x

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