How to build a brand

Today we played host for Weekend:IN‘s ‘How to Build a Brand’ event; a full schedule of back-to-back sessions led by some incredible creatives and business owners.

Push Founder and Creative Director Emma Hart ran a Q&A on PR and global comms, Photographer Xanthe Berkeley brought attendees up to speed on creating stop motion films via mobile devices, Creative Coach and Founder of One Girl Band Lola talked up the importance of brand values, passion and strategy, and Moxon London underpinned the importance of visual identity. Information overload? YES, and truly invaluable.

In between all this was a delish lunch spread from Café Miami followed by bakewell tarts that literally melted in the mouth. Here are a few shots from the day, have a scroll…

push-pr-showroom-event push-pr-showroom-event WeekendIn-Event-Push-PR-Showroom push-pr-showroom-event DSC04522 DSC04505 DSC04519 push-pr-showroom push-pr-showroom-event push-pr-showroom-event

Push x

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