This is how we’re spending International Women’s Day 2018

International Women’s Day is about recognising, supporting and celebrating women across the globe.

It’s about honouring the vast achievements to date and talking up the many advancements that we are (collectively) yet to seal so, we decided to invite a group of women we know into the showroom to host an evening doing all of the above.

We’re spinning it as a SUPER CLUB – inclusive, outspoken and collaborative – and have teamed up with Toral Shah, Founder of The Urban Kitchen, to bring some delicious food to the table.


Toral is a Nutritional Scientist & Food Consultant so real food is her forte (delicious, nutrient dense, seasonal, quality and big on the flavour front) and we are honoured to be marking IWD celebrations with someone as passionate about health and wellbeing as we are.

Here’s to that. Here’s to women – past, present and future.

Push x

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