How to build a brand; talks and interactive workshops with big gains

How to build a brand; that is the question.

Join us in the showroom Friday 2nd March where we’ll be talking business, strategy and success alongside Weekend:IN.

Contributing to the conversation will be Push Founder and Creative Director Emma Hart, Photographer Xanthe Berkeley, Smug store owner Lizzie Evans and the Moxon London team – so you are guaranteed to gain some big industry insights and as well as invaluable time with these independent business heads.

The day’s schedule is packed with brilliant sessions – from discussions around brand values to interactive workshops, pointers on how to master the art of stop motion films and quick-fire Q&As – so buying a tickets means getting all the bang for your buck. Plus, meeting some industry creatives who have steered their businesses through tumultuous climates and remain ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and impact.

Bag yourself a ticket, bring your notepad, bring your questions, bring your story. We want to hear it. See you there.


Push x

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