Bolin Webb; innovative grooming products for men

Bolin Webb is the newest addition to the Push beauty portfolio.

The design-led brand, founded by Marina Bolin and Derrick Webb in 2011, offers elegant and innovative grooming products for guys. And what is grooming without a quality razor (smooth lines, curvaceous shape, immaculate automotive paint finish)? Precisely.

R1-S Collection


The brand was borne from a desire to improve the shaving routine with products that streamline the entire experience – no muss, no fuss and with max results.

Bolin Webb razors are sleek in design, inspired by the flawless paintwork and finish of a classic British car. It is this, combined with brilliant blade performance, an ergonomic handle and a bacteria resistant grip that has earned the collection award-winning credentials.

The brand manufactures right here in the UK and can be found online as well as in some of London’s most prestigious department stores – yes Harrods, yes Fortum and Mason.

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