Push PR x mothers2mothers; an introduction

Push has joined forces with mothers2mothers; an Africa-based nonprofit organisation working around the clock to end paediatric AIDS and create healthy families and communities.

This is a real passion project for us, and continuing to support the cause through campaigns and collaborations will be a big focus for 2018. To kick-start activity, Emma Hart, Push Founder and Creative Director, will host a coffee morning in the showroom Friday 26th January to introduce Emma France, m2m Global Development and Strategic Engagement Director, so that she can share details on the charity, what it does and why.

This will be a monthly meet, each with a new topic of conversation and partner that resonates with both m2m and Push. Interested in collaborating? Let us know. For more details on the life-changing work that m2m do read our interview with Emma France below.

Salma Hayek visiting the mothers2mothers (m2m) Early Childhood Household Stimulation Project in Phola Township, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Salma is sitting next to m2m Mentor Mother Mpumi Ndala (28) and talking to Mentor Mother Sylvia Mdluli (45) about their work to improve children's cognitive, social-emotional, physical and language developments and eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The ECHS Project was designed by mothers2mothers (m2m) to ensure children thrive, rather than just survive. Delivered by m2m's Mentor Mothers—HIV-positive women who work as frontline healthcare workers in local clinics and door-to-door in communities—the ECHS project empowers caregivers to create the safe, high-quality environment required to underpin successful early childhood development for their children (0-5 years old). Playgroups and one-to-one education and training is delivered at household level and at local venues such as community creches. About mothers2mothers mothers2mothers (m2m) is an international NGO founded in Cape Town, South Africa in 2001. m2m employs and trains HIV-positive women as "Mentor Mothers" to deliver health services, advice, and support to women and their families at health facilities and in local communities. From an initial focus on eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV, m2m has expanded into five related areas to deliver benefits for women and their families at all stages of life. As well as a continued focus on HIV-prevention and education, m2m’s services now also include early childhood development, paediatric care and support, and adolescent mentoring. In 2016 alone, m2m and its partners enrolled almost two million new clients into care across seven African countries. Results show that m2m has virtually eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV amongst its clients, and is making significant strides in expanding the scope and scale of its other services. For more, visit: www.m2m.org.

Photo: Hazel Thompson

For those who don’t know, what does mothers2mothers do as an organisation?
m2m is committed to making sure that every child is born free from HIV and grows up with a bright future. To achieve this, our 1,600 “Mentor Mothers” work across eight African countries to provide family-centered support for a range of health and social issues spanning pregnancy, birth, a child’s early years, and adolescence.

In this way, not only do we stop HIV in its tracks, we protect the next generation too. What’s more is that, each Mentor Mother is herself an HIV-positive woman, trained and employed by m2m.

How can people support the cause?
Donate to us. Partner with us. Talk about us. Represent us. Invite us. Run for us. Cycle with us.

What do you love most about your role?
Watching the tangible difference women can make in each other’s lives.

On a recent visit to see mothers2mothers’ work in Malawi, I met a truly incredible woman Martha. She is an m2m Community Mentor Mother. She tracked down a client who she knew was sick and had never visited a clinic – mainly because the nearest clinic is a five hour walk away. That client had three tiny children and was at that time pregnant with her fourth and seriously ill. So Martha went to look for her and found her, travelling huge distances to do so. She helped her to prepare – physically and mentally – to visit the clinic, and helped her to access treatment. As a result, her client gave birth to an HIV-free child and all four of her children now receive our support.

When I asked the client whether there was anything else she wished Martha could have provided to her by way of support, her answer was, “Nothing. She couldn’t have done more. She gave me my life”.

What is the ultimate goal for m2m?
Our ultimate goal is to put mothers at the centre of creating generational health. Martha is the epitome of everything m2m stands for. She travels miles knowing how it feels to walk in another woman’s shoes. Martha’s own dream is that every woman who is HIV-positive can have an HIV-free baby. Her client did and almost 98% of women can with our help. My dream is that Martha and all of the families she supports, not only survive, but thrive.

How important are connections in business (i.e supporting and championing people and worthy causes)?
Critical, we live in an interconnected world; the sum is greater than the parts.

What change do you want to see happen in 2018?
More kindness! Always be kinder than strictly necessary.


For more information on m2m and the incredible, incredible work they do have a read of the website here.

Push x

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