Meet Sabine Roemer; the classically trained Master Gold and Silversmith

Push has a shiny new addition to the fine jewellery division; Sabine Roemer, a classically trained Master Gold and Silversmith who creates stunning handmade pieces from her Richmond workshop. She is also Co-Founder of London-based fine jeweller Atelier Romy.

Sabine fell for the craft at the age of fifteen and went on to graduate as one of the youngest Master Goldsmiths at Germany’s highly acclaimed Pforzheim Goldsmith and Watchmaker School. Over the years she has won several awards and designed THE most stunning pieces for clients across the world.

We caught up with the woman herself to talk career, collections and dreams; here’s what you need to know.

IMG_0795 Sabine-Roemer-Earrings-1

How would you say your designs and creative process stands out from other fine jewellers?

I would like to think that you can instantly tell that every piece has been handmade by myself and that it carries my personal signature. My designs have a very feminine touch and handcrafted feel as opposed to machine made products. Every piece tells a very personal story (mine or the clients) so it’s a true one of a kind.

What has been your career highlight to date?

Working and meeting with Nelson Mandela, without a doubt. I feel that I have him to thank for my subsequent career path. It made me want to create meaningful and unique pieces which tell a story for the beholder; a story which can be told to the next generation and will educate a global audience forever.

Of course, launching in Harrods as my first retail store and having pieces worn at the Oscars was amazing but the charity work I have been lucky enough to collaborate on is very important to me.  I very nearly lost my own life during a natural disaster in 2010 and as a result wanted to affect positive change with the work I do.

Is there anything that you haven’t yet done that you would love to in your career?

Jewellery is one of many outlets I use to express myself; I would like to think that my work subtly crosses over in to the art world too as I love the idea of exploring the opportunity to create more sculptures. The difference in size and technique to jewellery design has always excited me and would be the ultimate test for my hands after creating jewellery for over 23 years.

I would also love to work on more partnerships as it really broadens your horizon and tests your ability to create your collaborator’s vision whilst maintaining your inimitable signature style.

What do you enjoy most about working on your own?

Well, what’s not to love? I have always been a very free spirit and always had difficulties working for someone else. Even my first boss ended up saying, “just make it nice” instead of trying to tell me what to do.

At times it can be quite lonely but you can dive into your workshop and quickly see the end result as opposed to painstakingly planning every little step and having to rely on external sources. I can quickly tell whether one of my designs is going to work when designing alone. I love how I am in control of the whole process; from the initial idea, to the sketch, to the labour in my workshop and finally the reward of holding the finished piece in my hands.

How and where do you find your inspiration?

I am often asked this question and the honest answer is everywhere. It is all about how your own eyes see the world, I take everything in. Friends who I visit in their own cities always tell me that I quickly notice things that they have never seen. I guess that it really is something that is within you, something that cannot be taught.

What is the best piece of advice that you have received?

I have heard this in various forms (for example, from Laurence Graff and JAR) and it always resonates with me: “Even if it is tough at times – stick to your own ideas, visions and talents as it will pay off in the end”.

Discover more on the brand story and take a look at the aforementioned collections here.

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