Monday media round up

It’s that time again, it’s time to dish out our weekly round up of digital news.

Grab yourself a coffee and click through the below headlines…


Love design? Love London? This year’s London Design Festival is for you. 

Here’s how to discover the top 20 exhibitions, installations and events during London Design Festival 2017; use this nifty interactive map to find the hottest places to visit.

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There’s another new Gucci collaboration to know about 

Spoiler: the luxury fashion house has teamed up with Dapper Dan so we’re expecting to see some proper fancy items.

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Fashion inspiration from New York coming right this way

New York’s most stylish sets have been flaunting off some major looks across fashion week. We wouldn’t expect anything else.

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Instagram news! You can now verify your account, but it’s going to cost you

Got a spare £5, 000 lying around? Use it to verify your Instagram account. Who needs savings anyway?

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These are the colours for spring 2018

For those of you who HAVE to be in the shade du jour take note of Pantone’s 12 colours set to storm the scene in 2018.

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