Super speed styling with T3; your hair will love you

Push is representing T3, the brand bringing impeccable results to the beauty world with its range of products. We’re talking Featherweight dryers, styling irons and tools. We’re talking the Featherweight 2 and Featherweight Luxe 2i.

Whether you’re still using the hair dryer you’ve had since way back when (uni? Who knows, it’s that ancient) or you’re a let-it-dry-naturally kind of girl, T3 is definitely worth your attention. It’s all in the Tourmaline SoftAire technology.

T3 Haircare UK

Founder, Kent Yu, developed the idea of a high-performing dryer after watching his girlfriend get ready using expensive beauty product only to finish up by using a bog-standard blow dryer. After a year of research on Tourmaline, the ‘Electric Stone’, Kent patented the Tourmaline infusion process and in 2004 the first Tourmaline hair dryer, the T3 Featherweight, was launched.

Basically this brand is a winner when it comes to high-speed drying with a professional, glossy finish that retains moisture and reduces frizz. And it’s had heaps of accolades (22 different fashion and beauty awards *and* Orlando Pita, world-renowned hairdresser, says “it’s a must-have tool for me backstage.”)

Healthier, softer, shinier, smoother hair in less time? YES, because who doesn’t want all of the above courtesy of a sleek, lightweight bit of beauty kit.

The Push beauty division, already solid advocates, are talking up T3 in a big way and the rest of the team are beginning to preach having tried and tested the T3 styling tools.

Intrigued? Take a look at the full product range here, how beaut is the Featherweight 2 limited edition in black and gold?


Push x

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