Protect Britain’s beaches with Salt-Water Sandals and the Marine Conservation Society

Want to help protect and future-proof British beaches?

Cult footwear brand Salt-Water Sandals has joined forces with the Marine Conservation Society, a charity that works to clear the seas of the rising tide of litter as well as reduce overfishing, to organsise beach clean-up along Birling Gap Beach in East Sussex.

The Push PR Lifestyle team will be mucking in this Thursday to champion the cause (do a little rock pooling, eat all the fish and chips) and Salt-Water Sandals has also announced that from 1st June 2017, 10% of proceeds from every pair of Turquoise Original Sandals will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

We like this a lot.


“We’re delighted to be growing our partnership with Salt-Water Sandals to include a donation for every pair of their beautiful turquoise sandals – they’re fantastic for people who love spending time by the seaside which makes the link to the Marine Conservation Society just perfect,” said Katherine Stephenson, Business Development Manager of the Marine Conservation Society.

Fancy volunteering for a beach clean event? Check out times, meeting places and register online here.

Need these shiny turquoise sandals in your life? Here’s where to bag yourself a pair and do your bit towards the campaign.

Push x

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