The BEST emojis and why #WorldEmojiDay

The Push team on their top picture characters

Today is World Emoji Day! 🎉🎉🎉

There may be 56 new emoji (side note: Japanese for “picture-character”) being rolled out later this year but until we see the DUMPLING and Shushing Face (that’s right people) on our iPhones we’ll stick to what we know.

So… the best emojis. What are the best emojis? According to Emojipedia the most popular ones include: 🤷 Person Shrugging, 😂 Face With Tears of Joy, ❤Red Heart and 😍 Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes, but we have our personal faves.

Here’s the team on those that they use on the regular, in bursts of 10 minimum.


Images via Emojipedia

Camilla Allpress, Account Executive

The Police Car Light. Used only in an emergency, obviously. So those instances when I need urgent relationship/ makeup/ fashion/ text/ work/ food/ music/ weather/ movie advice. Sound the klaxon.

Georgia Randrup, Senior Account Executive

The WHYYYYYY Face without a doubt. Fitting for almost any situation, especially when braving the Central Line in 30 degree heat, followed closely by the Kissing Face emoji, because what can I say? I’m an affectionate gal.

Daisy May Sitch, Content Director

The Thinking Face emoji is me calling BS on all the things. The Eyes are me being pervy… and saying look, LOOK NOW.

Gemma Allen,PR Co-Ordinator

The Shrugging Girl because it is actually me every day trying to figure out adult life. Also, the nail painting emoji = SASS.

Phoebe Grace Ede, Beauty Account Executive

Once upon a time we were able to respond to texts with a conclusive ‘ok’, now that is deemed unacceptable and rude – the ultimate level of shade throwing. It’s fine though because emojis have given us a solution to those this-message-sort-of-needs-a-reply-but-not-really moments; the ok hand. Can also be used for subtle ‘cool story bro’ sarcasm.

Kat Watson, Lifestyle Director

The Face With Stuck-Out Tongue & Winking Eye is my best emoji; a little cheeky sarcasm to weigh out the seriousness.

Pippa Roberts, Fashion Director

My most used (not necessarily favourite) is the Face With Tears of Joy. I have so many different WhatsApp groups with friends so I tend to use it when I need to chip in with a random message and save myself the abuse of neglecting friends. Luckily, only had one mishap with my initial confusion about its actual meaning.

Sophie Outram, Junior Account Executive

The Face With Tears of Joy is my go-to in most situations, I find it also helps convey ton – especially if I’m being sarcastic and sassy, how else will people know I’m not just being a bitch? Also quite like the laughing face with sweat droplet emoji to emphasise my many embarrassing moments, the monkey with hiding eyes emoji works well for this too!

Push x

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