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Take 10 minutes out of today to read through the following news stories from across the internet in our digital digest.


Luxury brands attracts customers with art

Art and luxury brands goes hand in hand these days – here’s why…

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EasyJet boss Dame Carolyn McCall named as new ITV chief executive

After a weekend of speculation, both companies confirmed on Monday morning that Dame Carolyn will replace outgoing ITV chief executive Adam Crozier in January next year. EasyJet shares slipped 0.71pc in early trade while ITV climbed 1.8pc.

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Are you concerned about the future of New York Fashion Week? You don’t have to be

There’s plenty of strong talent to be shown at New York Fashion Week. You just wait and see.

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24 Sèvres are in the running to become number one in the business

What do you think; Can 24 Sèvres become the main online destination for high-fashion shoppers?

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It’s World emoji day! Take a look at these new emoji that are coming soon

Today’s the day, Monday 17th July marks the official World Emoji Day.

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You really need to watch this music show

The documentary series on Channel 4 is called Sound and Vision, write it down.

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