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The facial to try for maximum results #PushBEAUTYrecommends

This week Push Executive Beauty Director, Zoe Robertson, took one for the team and tried the Signature Treatment from Face Place at The Practice at Alex Eagle.

It was first introduced in 1972 and has since earned its stripes as one of the most sought after facials. Basically it’s a clinical approach that combines skilled extraction techniques with galvanic current to deliver improved skin tone, firmness, fewer lines and a clearer complexion.

Here’s Zoe’s review in full complete with slightly terrifying shot of her in the treatment headgear. Totally harmless, promise.

face place signature treatment review london

I absolutely adore facials, I mean who doesn’t? I am also a firm believer that the weirder the treatment the better, so when I was invited to try the Signature Treatment at Face Place, which recently launched at the Alex Eagle Studio in Soho, I was very excited.

The treatment claims to improve skin tone, target fine lines and wrinkles and give a brighter complexion using a mixture of specialised extractions, galvanic current (gulp!) and facial massage. Eilidh Smith, MD at Face Place, mentioned that I may experience some redness afterwards so was I a little apprehensive about how’d I look at my client dinner post-treatment, nonetheless I was eager to see the results.

Michelle, my therapist, first talked me through each stage of the facial and stressed that the treatment is designed to go beyond the surface of the skin and into the deeper layers. She then started with a deep, manual cleanse which includes vacuum suction to remove dead skin cells. Next, several towels soaked in yucca, which is known for its anti bacterial properties, were put on my face and a cone that resembled a tagine pot acted like a sauna on top (I have tried several steam facials before but according to Michelle this method is better for your skin because it doesn’t dry you out). This was followed by extraction of the pores, I thought this would be super painful but it wasn’t – mildly uncomfortable if that.

Vitamin C and zinc magnesium soaked packs were wrapped up with bandages and layered over my face along with a leather mask (which made me look like an extra from  The Mummy). The latter is actually the galvanic mask which sends an electric current to stimulate the facial tissue and aid the delivery of the ingredients into the dermis. I felt a slight tingling and there was a metallic taste in my mouth but the sensation was not unpleasant. By this point I was so enthralled by the various stages I could barely contain my excitement!

Once the masks were removed the treatment finished off with firm facial massage techniques to further increase blood circulation.

Looking at my reflection post treatment, I could not believe the results. My skin looked plump, fresh and the rosacea that was visible before the treatment had disappeared. The fine lines around my eyes had also faded, I was thrilled – not least for the fact that I went on to my next engagement fresh-faced and glowy without a stitch of makeup feeling my most confident.

In short, this is certainly a treatment I would recommend.

Time: 75 minutes

Cost: £130

London has become home to the first Face Place opening outside of the US, bringing its unique, clinical approach to skincare to the Practice at Alex Eagle Studio, Soho. Need the special treatment? Book yourself an appointment here.

Push x

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