Kawaii culture; the need to knows

We’re so psyched about the imminent launch event for Juliet Sear’s new baking and decorating book, Kawaii Cakes: Adorable and Cute Japanese-Inspired Cakes and Treats, that we thought we’d shed a little more light on the concept of Kawaii.

Here’s some of the most important things to know about this Japanese artistic and cultural style that plays on CUTENESS.


1. Kawaii can be defined as style that emphasises the idea of cute through the use of bright colours and characters with a childlike appearance (think Hello Kitty and Nintendo’s Pokémon Go).

2. This culture of cute began in the 1970s and has since grown from a national trend to a global phenomenon. Initially it was girls aged 14-25 repping the trend with popping pink everything but it’s now been given the nod from all audiences.

3. Each of Japan’s 47 governmental offices has its own kawaii mascot. So far, so cool but it gets better – mascots include the rosy-cheeked bear Kumamom for the bullet train and the wide-eyed Prince Pickles for the police force. And then there’s Hello Kitty; Japan’s tourism ambassador.

4. People have been known to adopt the trend with infantile voices or playful outfits. One Kawaii trend in particular, Lolita fashion,  promotes a Victorian style of clothing and is all about petticoats, ruffles, pastel colours, OTT ribbons and bows. Cute, cute, cute.

5. Kawaii cakes! Sweet treats that look (almost) too adorable to eat are a huge part of the culture. Next level cakes, cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts and cake pops.

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