Le Mini Macaron: Your step-by-step guide to perfect nails

Introducing the newest addition to our client portfolio...

Gorgeous, glossy nails that last for weeks? No chipping, no crazy cost? Yes please.

New Push Beauty client, Le Mini Macaron, has created a portable manicure kit that includes all you need to prep and paint your nails at home, at your desk or on the go in just 15  minutes. The set holds a bottle of all-in-one gel polish, cuticle stick, nail file and a single-finger LED lamp – because less is more.

Inspired by delicious little macarons in popping colourways (we’ve got our eye on the Cassis shade), these kits are the CUTEST.

So here’s our super quick step-by-step guide to DIY nails with dream results…

Step 1

Push your cuticles back gently using the small stick that comes with the kit. This ensures a clean nail palette ahead of polishing.


Step 2

Next up is to even out the surface of your nails with the file and then wipe down with acetone for a smooth start.


Step 3

Apply your gel nail polish; start with one finger at a time and apply a very thin layer.


Step 4

Put one finger at a time into the confection-shaped LED lamp (that is connected to your computer) for 30 seconds while holding down the top button.


Step 5

Apply a second, thicker layer of the gel polish and cure for a further 30 seconds under the LED lamp.



Done and done. No muss, no fuss.


Need one of these kits in your life? Shop them at LeMiniMacaron.com now and on FeelUnique.com  from August.

Push x

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