What’s your festival beauty must-have?

The Push team share their favourite products

Dry shampoo? Check. Wet wipes? Check. Glitter for your hair AND body? Double check!

The #PushTEAM gets ready for a long line-up of festivals by listing their beauty essentials (those little gems that pack up nicely and achieve results); here’s what they won’t be raving without this summer…

maria nila

Georgia Randrup, Beauty Account Executive

As a self-confessed ‘hair girl’ I’m all about making sure my unruly curls stay in check. There’s nothing like a bit of rain and mud to turn the perfect wave into a crazy mane. To keep my roots dry I use the Maria Nila Dry Shampoo because it’s super nourishing on my sensitive scalp, and doesn’t leave a white residue like a lot of other brands.

My hair craves moisture, so to ensure my curls hold their form with minimal frizz I apply a generous amount of Kerastase Elixir Ultime every morning before I head out for a day of dancing.


Jordanne Young, Account Manager, Fine Jewellery

My beauty must-have prevents damage to hair, but it is actually jewellery (obviously!)

A Frame Chain is a glasses chain for your sunglasses, which means you don’t have to rest your specs precariously on your head whilst trying to dance to your favourite band in a packed, hot and sweaty tent. You won’t loose your specs AND it’s an excuse to wear another chain around your neck. These pieces come in a range of styles – the new ones are very Gucci with pearl details, while our favourite jewellery designer Jessica de Lotz also created a collaborative design with detachable charms.



Sarah Henriques, Account Manager, Beauty

I’m fair skinned so I need an SPF that I know will keep me covered. My go-to has to be Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF30. It’s super lightweight and keeps my skin feeling fresh and hydrated all day.


Katy Dawson, Fashion & Lifestyle Coordinator 

My favourite festival beauty product is glitter spray for your hair – perfect to jazz up any hairstyle!


Sophie Outram, Junior Account Executive

My festival beauty must-have would have to be the Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 week tan mousse. No nasty smell, no streaks, a perfect even colour and it’s so easy to apply! I’m not a tan-a-holic but I love being able to go to a festival knowing that when I put on my shorts I won’t blind anyone with my ghostly white legs. I also won’t look dreadfully patchy and orange, instead I’ll have a nice, subtle glow.


Bex Broughton, Senior Account Executive

Wet wipes are the best things to pack for a festival! Fresh and cleansing so you keep your cool.


Amanda Stromberg, Digital Content Assistant

The Waterproof Definition Mascara from 3INA – even when the rain (and sweat!) is pouring down, this mascara is guaranteed to stay put.



Camilla Allpress, Account Executive

First and foremost I would never step foot in a field without a full can of Maria Nila Dry Shampoo. It’s great for a fresh, clean look when you’re not feeling either fresh nor clean. It’s also great for pumping up the volume when your hair is looking a little flat. Portable iPhone battery is a must-have lifeline along with big sunglasses. Finally I get crazy hangry and festival food is pricey and not that nice, so I make sure I’m stocked with protein balls. I’m into the Deliciously Ella ones right now.


Pippa Roberts, Fashion Account Director

Vaseline for sure! It literally saves my life – can be used for everything beauty wise (I have even been known to tame my hair with it bizarrely) but also strangely useful for general tent maintenance. Can you tell that I am not a natural camper?!


Astrid Mallet, Junior Account Executive

Batiste Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo is a must for festivals. Not only does it keep you fresh while you’re parting like its 1960, but it gives you so much volume if you usually have straight, lifeless hair.

Push x



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