Monday media round up

Cure your Monday blues with a dose of need-to-know digital news from the weekend.


The election is over and the result is a bit terrifying 

The Conservatives lost their overall majority and it’s now a hung parliament in Britain. How will Theresa May fix this?

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Still talking election results (sorry) – how will they affect retail?

The election resulted in a lot of questions, one being: What will happen to UK retail in the future?

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James Comey testified about Trump and his administration

What a mess  – this is what happened when James Comey testified about Trump.

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It’s happening – Fashion is moving over to mobile

Shira Suveyke is talking about the future of fashion.

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Has somebody stolen from you on Instagram? You’re not alone

What is Instagram doing to make sure nobody steals work on Instagram?

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Have you heard about Airbnb’s new launch?

It’s called Open Homes and it allows users who are already registered on the site as hosts to offer up their rooms to refugees and displaced people for free.

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