3INA UV Collection; it’s landed

Get your fluoro on and shop the collection exclusively at Selfridges

Done with the glitter thing? Yeah, we hear you.

Right now is about going full-blown fluoro and 3INA has you covered with its latest collection. Think UV activated beauty products in colourways that will take you from office to bar, to weekend jaunt and – most importantly – have you ready to standout on the summer festival scene.

The palette that has been designed to compliment the face (subtly) during the day before transforming into an amazing phosphorescent glow under UV light.

“I was totally led by the bold fluoro colors, rather than referencing anything specific. I wanted to approach the UV campaign with a loose hand and avoid doing anything that felt too graphic or too contrived. I was also completely inspired by the dual functionality of the collection and how the products really can take you from day-to-night in such an unexpected way”, said Anne-Sophie Costa, the campaign’s lead make-up artist.

The collection launched exclusively with Selfridges (go in-store, go online!) and will be available to shop in 3INA stores worldwide from 12th June.

These looks? The film directed by photographer Mehdi Lacoste, feat. a soundtrack by London producer CKTRL? So, so good.

3INA UV Collection 3INA UV Collection 3INA UV Collection

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