7 Swedish things we love, because National Day of Sweden!

Today is National Day of Sweden so we are joining Swedes across the globe in celebration.

In honour we’ve put together a little list of Scandi things we love. Here’s what we got down, though we could have gone on and on…


1. Stylish stationery design

kikki.K, our all-time favourite Scandi brand, is everything when it comes to dreamy stationery.

“My native Sweden continues to inspire our collections – the colours of the seasons; the textures of the landscape; and the simplicity and clean lines that have defined Swedish design for decades”, says kikki.K Founder Kristina Karlsson.

2. Midsummer

A holiday devoted to eating, drinking and dancing – we love it. You’ll definitely find us in Hyde Park on Midsummer’s Day (24 June) dancing around the maypole together with all the Scandis.

3. Ikea

Billy, Stockholm, Docksta, Ribba… The Swedish lifestyle giant’s furniture may have strange names, but they fit perfectly into our digs.

4. Cinnamon buns (aka kanelbullar

Literally the perfect pastry treat –  filled with a cinnamon sugar buttery inside. Way, way too good to share.

5. Nature

The north is mostly wilderness, foaming rivers, high alpine peaks and plains, while the south of the country is rolling countryside and beaches that never end. Sound’s pretty perfect, no? *Digs out passport*

6. Music

Six wins at Eurovision, ABBA, First Aid Kit and Avicii, to mention a few – Sweden has exported some of the most talented musicians and music producers ever. Keep it coming Sweden!

7. Vegan haircare

Maria Nila is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Think gorgeous haircare  produced in Sweden, that ticks all the boxes when it comes to ethical. “Maria Nila’s philosophy is to produce the best product possible without compromising the hairs’ health or the environment.” Amen to that.

Push x

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